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Combining people and technology to achieve lower costs and better outcomes

A customised, interoperable workforce solution that makes the job of staffing NHS hospitals and private Healthcare Organisations safe, financially sustainable, and stress-free.

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Just 1 click – for every 12 your team has to do now!

A revolutionary design, activity based, to ensure the optimum fill rates at best value and best fit right down to just a hour of need, it really is worth taking a look.

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e-Rostering & Job Planning

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Agency Management & Direct Engagement

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Revalidation and Appraisal

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Bringing people and technology together

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By bringing together the leaders in workforce technology with the leaders in workforce supply, ID Workforce Solutions deliver a unified approach for public and private clients looking to save time and money through improved safety, cost and customer experience. The partnership of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Locums, Allied Health Professionals and Nursing Clinicians with industry-leading technology offers a complete NHS temporary staffing solution; resulting in a reduction in spend, improved governance, compliance and control.

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E-Rostering and Job Planning

A local and multi-site, activity-based digital rostering solution that continually adapts and learns the tasks or activities that healthcare departments perform.

This cutting-edge technology allows the system to better understand the associated workforce requirements needed to satisfy them; making the automatic scheduling of staff intuitive and efficient – ensuring the right staff, with the right skills are available in the right place, at the right time.

Our incredibly simple to use job planning solutions meet the latest NSHI guidelines.

Staff & Collaborative Bank

Whether you want to establish a new bank or transform your existing one, our staff bank solutions deliver a best in class user experience, improve utilisation of existing pools, helping to reduce agency spend.

Our collaborative banks slot in with all existing up and downstream systems allowing Healthcare Organisations to cooperate and share resources without disrupting existing local bank solutions.

Agency Management & Direct Engagement

Healthcare Organisations are under continuous pressure to transform their temporary workforce services and reduce agency spend. Our agency solution has been specifically designed with Health and Social Care markets in mind to reduce costs and achieve better temporary workforce outcomes.

A little idea that saves a lot, our Direct Engagement solution supports clients in saving up to 21% on temporary staffing spend. With built-in invoicing and self-billing modules, clients have the opportunity to minimise costly billing processes and in addition to VAT savings, can expect a 2.5% reduction on spend thought greater visibility and controls.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our best in class recruitment process outsourcing solution (RPO) helps you source, screen, engage, hire and on-board the right talent, with the right skills at the right cost, for multiple clients, utilising multiple vendors.

With our RPO solutions, managing the entire end-to-end recruitment process becomes effortless and auditable – ensuring the hiring process runs smoothly all the way through.

Revalidation and Appraisals

Accessible anytime, anywhere, our Revalidation and Appraisal software is safe, secure and reliable.

Built in line with RST, GMC and Good Medical Practice Guidelines, it offers a best in class user experience to Appraises, Appraisers, Responsible Officers and Revalidation Staff managing the administrative process.

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    • Ashel Pinto

      International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

      Thank you for guidance, inspiration, encouragement and being there for me. You are the reason I am where I am today! Most importantly for being a part of my journey… THE RIGHT MENTORS AT RIGHT TIME CAN BE YOUR SAVIOR”

    • Hemaletha Hari

      International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

      Thank you for your support during the interview process! It was very helpful as it lead to the success of my job! I hope to have your valuable support in the future also…

    • Jinu Pandisseril

      Jinu Pandisseril | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

      Thank you ID Medical for your great support and guidance to achieve my goal.

    • Poojitha Kaveti

      International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust:

      Thanks to ID Medical for your support and guidance to reach my goal. I would recommend ID Medical to all the Healthcare Professionals who wish to work in the UK. They are efficient, quick in processing, trusted agency and highly professional.

    • Dr Jide Awobamise(GP)

      Dr Jide Awobamise(GP)

      ID Medical are a resourceful and responsive recruitment company. My Recruitment Consultant has been engaging and on the ball. He permanently seems polite and ready to help – a huge asset.

    • Ada Anioke (ANP)

      Ada Anioke (ANP)

      It has been amazing working with ID Medical, very supportive team especially my Recruitment Consultant, who has been very efficient, supportive, always ready to listen, always in touch and always ready to listen

    • Dr Olu Adeniran (GP)

      Dr Olu Adeniran (GP)

      ID Medical is one of the few recruitment agencies that offer premium personalised services. My Recruitment Consultant is always very supportive all the way. Always available to provide support even at odd hours of the day. He sends me my personalised rota with regular updates. Payments are on time as well

    • Dr Samuel Tiareh (GP)

      Dr Samuel Tiareh (GP)

      ID Medical got me the locum work I was looking for, quickly and efficiently, the registration process was smooth. My Recruitment Consultant is always available and deals with any issues which arise quickly and efficiently. Very helpful and polite.

    • Dr Saad Ali (GP)

      Dr Saad Ali (GP)

      Good experience with ID Medical. They are responsive to messages. Special mention to Abhishekh and manager Anima for their help in getting the shifts booked according to my availability and being on hand for any troubleshooting queries. Would recommend.

    • Samuel Godinho Monteiro

      International Nurse | Samuel Godinho Monteiro

      I want to recommend and thank the company ID Medical for facilitating my recruitment process and moving to a new country. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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