Workforce Solutions

A customised interoperable workforce solution that makes the job of staffing NHS hospitals and private medical organisations safe, financially sustainable, and stress-free.

By bringing together the leaders in workforce technology with the leaders in workforce supply, ID Workforce Solutions deliver a unified approach for public and private clients looking to save time and money through improved safety, cost and customer experience.

The partnership of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of locums, Allied Health Professionals and nursing clinicians with industry-leading technology offers a complete NHS temporary staffing solution; resulting in a reduction in spend, improved governance, compliance and control.


ID Medical Workforce Solutions

Our suite of temporary staffing solutions has been designed with the NHS’s Long Term Plan in mind: blending the perfect mix of digital technology, temporary staffing expertise and class-leading 24/7 support.

Total Interoperability

Our digital workforce solutions are compatible with all current and existing NHS workforce platforms.

Tailored MI Reporting

Our suite of reporting features give real-time management information using the power of Tableau.

Engagement on the move

Our platform is available as a desktop and mobile application; meaning you can access its features anywhere, anytime.

ID Roster

A local and multi-site activity-based digital rostering solution that continually adapts and learns the tasks or activities that the healthcare department perform. This allows the system to better understand the associated workforce requirements needed to satisfy them; making the automatic scheduling of staff intuitive and efficient – ensuring the right staff are available at the right time.

ID Staff Bank

The ID Workforce Solutions Staff Bank helps hospital trusts dramatically reduce their agency spend through local, regional and collaborative networking. Whether you want to establish a staff bank, improve your existing staff bank, or implement a regional collaborative bank, our digital staff bank solutions enable simple and fast communication through a dedicated mobile app, streamlining processes and maximising shift uptake.

ID Agency

ID Workforce Solutions Agency supports ID Medical to effectively manage the recruitment requirements of your organisation and the associated cost. Delivering full transparency and control of NHS temporary staffing whilst ensuring that maximum process efficiency and savings are achieved, it is already helping numerous NHS trusts across the make substantial cost and efficiency savings.

Clinical Services

ID Medical Clinical Services is the UK’s largest multi-discipline clinical services provider, working in partnership with NHS trusts to reduce waiting patient times and alleviate operational pressures. This is done through our dedicated insourcing, outsourcing and virtual services; all achieving a regular patient satisfaction score of >98%.

International Recruitment

Our international medical recruitment Team is dedicated to sourcing quality healthcare professionals from around the world for permanent positions. The entire process is fully managed; from sourcing doctors in countries of interest and in-country interviews to candidate relocation and post-placement support. It’s all taken care of with IDM International.

Direct Engagement Services

ID Medical Direct Engagement allows NHS clients to engage with their temporary staff directly. By reducing the VAT applicable on salaries, it can offer VAT and efficiency savings of up to 20%, delivering a simple, cost-effective temporary recruitment solution that is both fully automated and transparent.

Master Vendor Services

As a Master Vendor, we can take full responsibility for supplying fully-compliant and experienced healthcare professional to your private or public organisation. Thanks to our expansive candidate base and industry-leading experience, we can look to supply the roles you need directly or use our own dedicated network of contacts to fulfil your roles in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We are part of all national frameworks

As the UK’s most trusted healthcare recruitment agency for NHS temporary staffing and supplier of digital workforce solutions, you can be confident that when you work with us, you’ll get more than just a supplier – you’ll get a genuine partner.

We’re a multi-framework approved, a multi-disciplinary healthcare provider that is part of some of the UK’s most prominent NHS and private frameworks.

“I just wanted to send you a bit of positive feedback on the Clarity workforce system! I have used it now for a few weeks to input locum shifts and enjoyed the benefits of the really handy app and computer interfaces and of course getting paid weekly. This is such a better system than the old paper forms and makes it much more user friendly. Plus, if people can do a locum one week and see the pay in their account the next week I’m sure it will only act as an incentive to people to pick up shifts.”

Dr Cocker, A&E Department