Helping Healthcare Organisations manage their workforce more effecively

Healthcare Professionals carry out life-changing work every day, our aim is to support this vital work in any way we can.

Our comprehensive services offer customised, interoperable workforce management software that makes the job of staffing NHS hospitals and private Healthcare Organisations safer, more financially sustainable, and hassle-free.

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What is workforce management software for healthcare?

Workforce management (WFM) software helps to optimise staff scheduling and management, ensuring that people’s time and energy are being used as efficiently as possible.

In an industry where time is precious and resources are often stretched thin, effective WFM software can make a huge difference in keeping your workflow sustainable and consistent, allowing you to focus on your patients.

From your substantive staff, to bank and agency requirements, we can help ensure you have the right tools to ensure best value fill at all times.

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What does WFM mean for healthcare organisations?

Managers feel in control, staff feel understood and organised, and tedious tasks are completed with minimum stress and effort. Not only does this save time and money, but when used correctly, WFM will also improve the experience of your customers and patients.

Through using workforce management software:

● Job planning and e-rostering is easier, giving you the power to work with a system that understands the needs of you and your staff.
● Revalidation and appraisals can be accessed anywhere, reliably and securely.
● Collaborative staff banks can either replace or work with your existing ones, making sharing resources across organisations easier.
● Recruitment becomes simpler with a reliable outsourcing solution, matching skills to assignments through multiple vendors.
● Managing your temporary workforce and improving temporary staffing processes is easier, through better agency management and direct engagement.
● MoD and Stock Exchange levels of security – gold standard for complete peace of mind

Through WFM, NHS and private healthcare providers can reduce the risk of burnout and prevent high turnover, keeping schedules fair and balanced. Also, absences are well-managed, overtime is accurately monitored, and your people – both patients and staff – feel taken care of.

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Why work with ID Medical?

Our priority is to continually improve patient outcomes and support Healthcare Professionals; taking care of the people who take care of us. WFM software enables us to do that on several fronts.

Specialist WFM technology prioritises user experience, always aiming to simplify processes, never to complicate them, and acts as a support system for a variety of our services. Through live workforce analytics you’re able to expand your control over your processes, with a scope that spans from ward level up to integrated care systems.

Our easily customisable solutions can be integrated with your existing systems, so we can help to increase the value of your current set-up. This is on top of our ability to provide new services – such as clinical services, and both temporary and permanent staffing solutions.

Combining this cutting-edge workforce technology with a pool of highly qualified professionals, we work with NHS and private Healthcare Organisations to conserve time, money, and energy. Our solutions meet the latest guidelines, and will also help you improve your own compliance – another step in lightening your load.

By focusing on connecting people to the technology – and people to people through the technology – jobs are made easier and Healthcare Professionals are more freely able to apply their skills and abilities to deliver the best possible service.

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Benefits of working with ID Medical

By choosing ID Medical, you’re opting to benefit from a multitude of services and wealth of knowledge, which can all be managed under one roof. This includes:

● Our collective decades of experience.
● Our dedication to matching Health Professionals to the roles and organisations that will most benefit patients.
● Our commitment to delivering the highest quality service.
● Our drive to keep the standards of patient care as high as possible.
● Our fully interoperable platform, guaranteed to improve the proficiency of your work.

Join the thousands of Healthcare Professionals and organisations benefiting from our partnership through one unified platform.

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Contact ID Medical Today

If you require further healthcare recruitment support, please reach out to ID Medical and make an enquiry. Experience some of the best WFM software available to healthcare industries by getting in touch today.

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  • Patient, Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG

    Everyone was very helpful, friendly, professional and efficient.

  • Patient, Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG

    They did a great job!

  • International Mental Health Nurse

    Your whole team helped me a lot to make my dreams come true. I liked the way you communicated each and everything in detail and clarified all my doubts. It helped me to get my thoughts clear. I felt free to ask about my doubts because you gave such a warm experience… Thank you and the whole team… Thank you so much for everything!

  • International Mental Health Nurse

    Thanks a lot for your support… Without ID Medical, this (journey) would not have been so smooth. Very happy and 100% of the credit goes to the team.

  • International Mental Health Nurse

    ID Medical were very professional, fast and so considerate with my case. I have actually recommended a lot of my colleagues to use ID Medical. What I liked mostly was that you were constantly checking our well-being with my daughter whether we were ok throughout our journey till we were received at the airport and you could check if myself and my daughter were fine. I actually enjoyed your services. More of a family than agents.

  • Head of operations for Acute & Emergency Medicine

    Aintree University Hospital

    ID Medical are engaging, adaptable and flexible company who are willing to work with you in partnership to make the best of the service. Any changes suggested they welcome and will work with you to make the best out of it.

  • Head of Change and Delivery for South East Temporary Staffing Programme

    Frimley ICB

    700k in savings delivered in a month has demonstrated how a more focused and planned approach to requests results in more meaningful supply, by providing better quality workers at a more advantageous price point. We are really seeing the benefits of this agreement.

  • Performance Improvement Manager

    NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB)

    I have no reservations in recommending ID Medical and would work with them again. ID Medical team have been communicative, responsive and open at every step of our time working with them and we would recommend the ID Medical Team.

  • Commissioning Manager

    NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)

    May I say that as a commissioner of many years, I have worked with countless providers. My experience of working with IDM thus far has been refreshing and a pleasure.

  • Service Manager, Acute Services

    The service delivered by ID Medical has a number of benefits, but the greatest benefit is the collaboration and integration of the teams alongside our own, which has enabled us to really strengthen the services we deliver. ID Medical are helping us get our waiting lists down so we can look at our longer term recruitment processes and needs.

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