Jan 28, 2021

The NHS and patient-centred care

Patient-centred care is a term frequently used by us, the industry and most importantly the NHS. But what does patient-centred care actually mean? In this post, you can find out its true definition, why the NHS follows this unique healthcare approach, the benefits, and a real-life example. What is patient-centred care? Patient-centred care is an […]

Jan 26, 2021

The problem with presenteeism in the NHS, and why it can’t be ignored

The subject of presenteesim within the NHS is perhaps something that’s been overlooked in recent months; with all NHS staff working tirelessly to protect the public, it’s now become common place to hear stories of doctors, nurses and locums working far beyond their regular hours – all in the name of keeping us all safe. […]

Jun 12, 2020

5 Key Warning Signs Your Virtual Consultations are Ineffective

Virtual consultations have been a literal lifesaver to NHS trusts and medical centres during the Covid 19 pandemic.   With social distancing being a key weapon in the fight against the virus, conducting patient consultations has ensured the continuation of regular outpatient appointments and consultations; but with virtually (no pun intended) no risk to either […]

May 20, 2020

The Road to Recovery: 6 Key Issues Affecting the NHS after Covid 19

Unprecedented. Strange. Uncertain. Unparalleled. We’ve all gotten pretty used to these adjectives when trying to describe life in 2020 and the issues affecting the NHS Covid 19 has touched every aspect of our lives; from how we do the weekly shop, to how we work and even how we interact with those closest to us. […]

Apr 10, 2020

Staying in and Staying Positive this Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend, the UK will celebrate Easter and the weather is set to reach highs of 25 degrees celcius. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that we are living within a pandemic which means we have to stay home in order to save lives. The change in lifestyle has left us feeling overwhelmed and stressed at […]

Mar 27, 2020

Meeting the Covid 19 Threat Head On

The Covid 19 pandemic is placing an unprecedented strain on businesses, people and communities alike.  As a market leader in medical staffing solutions and a key contributor and a key contributor to the UK’s health and social care supply chain, we have had to rapidly evolve to continue supporting and meeting the demands of the […]

Jul 8, 2019

ID Medical Launches an Industry-First CQC Supportive Turnaround Service

ID Medical, the UK’s largest multi-discipline healthcare recruiter, enters a new phase with its growing proposition portfolio, launching a service to provide an industry-first dedicated solution for hospitals and care homes which have an urgent need to implement improvements in patient care, in the immediate aftermath of a poor or failed CQC inspection. ID Medical’s […]