Jan 26, 2021

The problem with presenteeism in the NHS, and why it can’t be ignored

The subject of presenteesim within the NHS is perhaps something that’s been overlooked in recent months; with all NHS staff working tirelessly to protect the public, it’s now become common place to hear stories of doctors, nurses and locums working far beyond their regular hours – all in the name of keeping us all safe. […]

Jul 8, 2020

Can hospitals afford to ignore their employee engagement?

When we talk about engaging employees and employee engagement, it’s often the case that business and commercial settings will most likely spring to mind. However, with the world of work in flux for everyone right now, employee engagement has perhaps never been more important – and none more so than in the world of healthcare. […]

Jul 29, 2015

The Modern NHS and The Importance of Engaging Younger Generations

As the UK’s leading medical recruitment agency, ID Medical believes the future generation of medical professionals will play a vital part in shaping a modern NHS.  Milton Keynes Hospital caught ID Medical’s attention yesterday when they revealed that a group of local students at Oakgrove school have just completed a week of work experience in […]