Navigating your revalidation with ease

Embark on a stress-free revalidation experience, with ID Medical!

We understand the challenges when it comes to revalidation and so, at ID Medical, our team is committed to providing a stress-free and seamless service to support you every step of the way.

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What is revalidation?

The purpose of Revalidation is so Nurses, Midwives, and Nursing Associates can keep up to date with their chosen field or specialty, ensuring safe and effective practice. The NMC introduced Revalidation for Nurses to help ensure consistent and high standards of Nursing care in the UK.

Nurses who have revalidated can be confident in providing the highest level of care to their patients, which in turn assists with their career development and delivery.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Nurse, Nurse Associate or a newly qualified Midwife, we’re here to seamlessly guide you through your professional growth and ensure you stay up to date with the evolving changes of your profession.

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Navigating the NMC’s requirements

Understanding and meeting the Nursing and Midwifery’s (NMC) requirements is crucial for maintaining the highest standards in nursing practice. At ID Medical, we prioritise transparency and compliance, ensuring that our nursing professionals are well-versed and aligned with the standards set by the NMC.

Here’s what you need to know…

Under the guidelines set by the NMC, Nurses, Nursing Associates and Midwives must revalidate every three years on the date they are due to apply for the renewal of their registration. In order to ensure the successful renewal of a license, the NMC requires the medical professional to demonstrate compliance with the following criteria:

• 450 Practice Hours – 900 if you are dual registered
• 35 hours of CPD – 20 hours must be participatory
• Practice-related feedback (five instances) from clients, patients and/or colleagues
• Five reflective accounts – can be based on CPD, feedback or experience
• Reflective discussion – must be with another nurse, midwife or nursing associate
• Confirmation – must be confirmed by an appropriate person
• You will also need to confirm to the NMC;
• Health and character – You must confirm that you are in good health and of ‘good character’ and therefore can practice safely and effectively
• Indemnity – you must confirm that you have indemnity coverage in place

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What do we offer you?

At ID Medical, we understand the importance of a comprehensive and organised nursing portfolio.

Our revalidation service is designed to guide you and support you through your professional journey.

Our service includes a meticulous review of your nursing portfolio, ensuring it reflects your skills, experience and achievements accurately. We identify missing items and provide constructive feedback to enhance its completeness.

We will then provide you with personalised feedback that empowers your professional growth, ensuring your portfolio showcases your expertise and dedication.

Let your portfolio reflect the extraordinary nurse that you are!

We then offer a free, online reflective discussion! This workshop is an opportunity to identify areas for learning and development to include in your professional development objectives. Reflective practice is a way for you to consider how you can put changes or improvements into action in your everyday practice.

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