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Course Syllabus

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) Programme (Level 3 and Level 5) is a 6 day programme made up of 3 mandatory modules and 5 optional modules. On completion of the 5 days of training, the 6th day will be an assessment day. On successful completion of your ilm qualification you will receive a certificate and be rewarded with a Globally recognised management qualification. Level 3 ilm programmes are aimed at those who have management responsibilities but no formal training. Ideal for team leaders who will be leading people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

Level 5 ilm programmes are aimed at new and aspiring middle managers. Ideal for those looking to consolidate their experience, develop their leadership skills and prepare to take on more responsibility.

Morning Session: Induction and introduction to the ilm

  • Overview
  • Introductions
  • Who are the ilm? Your membership of the ilm
  • Course Content
  • Programme support
  • Assessment criteria

Afternoon Session: Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency

Resiliency training is about developing the skills to overcome the natural, counterproductive tendencies we have all developed over the centuries that get in the way of personal success. For example, we are naturally wired to process information with a negativity bias, subconsciously assuming the worst. As another example, many people have a natural tendency to catastrophise small problems, bringing about strong emotional responses to minor adversities. These natural tendencies impact our workplace productivity, employee morale and even company culture.

  • Increased productivity
  • Employee wellness
  • More effective collaboration
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Consider the significance of emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Define the differences between IQ and EQ
  • Explore the 5 key elements of emotional intelligence
  • Assess your own EI strengths and development areas
  • Recognise how to apply EI to any situation

All Day: Leadership Principles (Level 3 only)

This programme concentrates on making the transition to a first line management role. Through group work and work-based activities it imparts up-to-date, best practice methods of managing and leading. The delegate will gain personal awareness of their leadership style and how to adapt their natural style to engage and motivate individuals within their team. They will also learn how to manage the team to ensure maximum team effectiveness in the workplace.

  • To develop responsibilities and accountabilities of the first line manager
  • To manage the issues, you may face with work-based friends and colleagues when moving from ‘peer’ to ‘leader’
  • To build and manage an effective team through key leadership skills
  • To develop essential people management skills
  • To develop key coaching and delegation techniques to strengthen the team’s capabilities
  • To increase your confidence and ability in performance managing your team members
  • To understand your own leadership style, the impact this can have on others, and how to adapt your style to suit the individual and the situation

Leadership Principles (Level 5 only)

Leadership is difficult. That is a fact. Leaders who passionately communicate a clear vision of what they and their organisations are about, discover that others choose to follow them. Their passion creates an infectious energy which motivates and inspires follower’s whatever situations or circumstances arise. The business world is embroiled in complexity and challenge to an ever-increasing extent as it seeks to satisfy customers’ escalating expectations. In such an environment, organisations require exceptional leaders who focus specifically on their people to achieve outstanding performance.

  • Challenge the existing culture and encourage creativity among followers to explore different ways of working and new opportunities to learn
  • Provide support and encouragement to everyone, keeping channels of communication open so that followers are encouraged to share ideas gaining recognition for their contributions
  • Communicate a clear vision to followers in such a way that followers become passionate about achieving targets and goals
  • Engender trust and respect so that followers choose to emulate the leader’s vision values

Morning Session: Effective Communication

This session explores the conscious and non-conscious facts about how we humans send and receive communication and the huge impact it has on us. Great communicators fully understand that our emotional states determine not just how we feel but how we act; how we make decisions and what decisions they are; our attitudes; our self-worth and motivation or lack of it. The key to your success is entwined in your ability to communicate effectively.

  • Understanding that great communication transfers understanding not just information
  • Discover how large the non-conscious element of communication really is and why
  • Understanding the power of Belief’s, Values and Focus
  • Understanding the power of body language
  • Reflection on your own views of the world and how they differ from others
  • Learning why you think the way you do
  • Understanding how to improve every relationship in your life dramatically

Afternoon Session: Managing Difficult People/ Situations

Overview Effective and harmonious team relationships are essential to the productivity of any business. Internal and external pressures can result in people being rude, impatient, aggressive or uncooperative. This ‘Managing Conflict’ course helps to identify how conflict can arise from different personality types, and how to deal with them effectively. It provides the skills and practical techniques necessary for dealing with difficult situations and conflict effectively and confidently.

  • Your negotiation skills will improve and allow you to deal with conflict situations successfully – every time!
  • Understand classic characteristics of different personality types and strategies for handling them
  • Pre-empt difficult situations and avoid escalating them further
  • Recognise personality types with which you may personally feel challenged
  • Handle aggressive behaviour
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals

Morning Session: Create A High Performance Work Team

  • High Performing teams do not just occur; they are built on the back of desire; communication skills; a common vision and purpose and individual and collective commitment to an attitude of achieving more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow
  • Objectives
  • To raise team morale and team spirit
  • For delegates to understand the impact that change has had and will continue to have upon themselves and their colleagues
  • For each delegate to understand the necessary ingredients required for effective teamwork
  • For delegates to understand how their individual working styles impact upon themselves, their tasks, and their colleagues
  • For each delegate to be actively involved in making decisions about the future conduct of the team in pursuance of its goals
  • For delegates to participate in a fun, motivational, interactive day that will allow them to build more fruitful working relationships with their team colleagues

Afternoon Session: Coaching and Mentoring

This programme has been designed to build an understanding of the principles of effective mentoring skills as well as coaching techniques. It aims to engender knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to each role and acts as a comprehensive guide addressing key issues relevant to the processes and skills required for both.

  • For each delegate to understand the role of a mentor and where and how this differs from the role of a coach
  • For each delegate to understand situational mentoring and how to mentor in the moment
  • For each delegate to be aware of the elements of successful coaching and guidance
  • For each delegate to assess their natural coaching style, strengths and areas for growth
  • For each delegate to understand how to adapt their coaching or mentoring style by making it appropriate to the learning style of the individual being coached or mentored

Morning Session: How to Motivate Your Team

This programme is specifically designed to facilitate managers to possess a positive mental attitude and create inspirational environments around them.

By understanding who you are when you are at your most positive and confident you can in turn influence and lead others to do the same.

By understanding how to challenge negative attitudes in yourself and in others you can inspire a different way of thinking which ultimately impacts on the performance of your teams.

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive alternatives
  • Learn to understand and control your emotions
  • Set yourself goals and then achieve them
  • Motivate teams and individuals to do the same
  • Access your maximum potential
  • Lose habits of negative thinking
  • Boost your confidence
  • Raise positivity around you

Afternoon Session: Managing Change

This highly practical course is focused on the tools, techniques and strategies needed to effectively plan for, and manage, change. Providing delegates with the knowledge and skills needed to anticipate change, to focus their efforts where the most business benefit can be gained, to manage the human and financial aspects of change, to plan, implement and monitor change and to identify and manage stakeholders through effective project plans and communication, this course is a solid overview of change management that will be of benefit to new and existing managers and team leaders alike.

  • For each delegate to understand the nature of change
  • For each delegate to be able to anticipate and forecast change
  • For each delegate to confidently manage the people and financial aspects of change
  • For each delegate to be able to use planning tools to implement a change
  • For each delegate to be able to monitor a change plan
  • For each delegate to manage and communicate effectively with stakeholders

Assessment Day

Dates for Birmingham ilm Open Programme:

Thursday 3rd May 2018
AM: Induction
PM: Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency
Thursday 31st May 2018
AM: Leadership Principles
PM: Leadership Principles
Thursday 28th June 2018
AM: Effective Communications
PM: Managing Difficult People/ Situations
Thursday 6th September 2018
AM: Create A High Performance Work Team
PM: Coaching and Mentoring
Thursday 4th October 2018
AM: How To Motivate Your Team
PM: Managing Change
Thursday 1st November 2018
AM: Assessment Session
PM: Assessment Session

Dates for Milton Keynes ilm Open Programme

Tuesday 1st May 2018
AM: Induction
PM: Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency
Tuesday 29th May 2018
AM: Leadership Principles
PM: Leadership Principles
Tuesday 26th June 2018
AM: Effective Communications
PM: Managing Difficult People/ Situations
Tuesday 4th September 2018
AM: Create A High Performance Work Team
PM: Coaching and Mentoring
Tuesday 2nd October 2018
AM: How To Motivate Your Team
PM: Managing Change
Tuesday 30th October 2018
AM: Assessment Session
PM: Assessment Session

To meet the ilm guided learning hours, ALL sessions must be attended.

Delegates would need to arrive for 09:00 with a 09:30 Start and each Day will end at 16:30.

Price is £975 + VAT per delegate.

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