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The ID Medical Scholarship…

Get your IELTS/OET preparation course for FREE with ID Medical!

Our experience over the last 20 years has taught us that many Healthcare Professionals waste hundreds of pounds on taking IELTS / OET Exams due to lack of preparation and insight into the support available, and we’re keen to ensure you do not make the same mistakes.

If you purchase a language course from one our leading language training partners, you could get 100% of your money back – and – we’re here to support and guide you all the way.

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UK Scholarships

Odin English

Odin English is India’s leading English language course provider, primarily focusing on training doctors and nurses to successfully pass IELTS and OET – they’ve trained hundreds of healthcare professionals to successfully pass their exams and reach the NHS. Odin English offers accredited courses and resources including live classes, answer banks, mock exams, writing correction services, all the way through to interactive Facebook group support.

Swoosh English

A leading English language online learning provider, helping healthcare professionals prepare and pass their IELTS/OET exam with the required score to work within the UK. Swoosh English offer highly credited courses and resources including live classes, answer banks, mock exams, writing correction services, all the way through to Facebook group support.

We understand the challenges…

We understand the challenges our valued international Doctors and Nurses face when trying to achieve the required IELTS and OET language scores to successfully register with the GMC and NMC.

Our strategic partnerships with proven language training providers offer the perfect solution to your medical English exam training needs, supporting you to achieve your goals of professional UK registration.

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What are the benefits of the ID Medical Scholarship?

•Save money on wasted exam fees by ensuring you are ready to take and pass your chosen exam
•Free language benchmarking tool so ensure you select the right course based on your current level of English competency
•IELTS/OET practice mock exams
•Writing correction service
•Study partner matching service
•Continuous support and advice from Swoosh teachers

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  • Patient at Glan Clwyd

    Very courteous professionals and supportive. Just the right balance of familiarity, reassurance and focus on the role. I felt very reassured in competent hands throughout, and the team were wonderful, and I cannot rate the nurses highly enough

  • Patient at Glan Clwyd

    Everyone was very kind, considerate and professional – All introduced themselves by name. All very friendly whilst still professional. During the examination, I was asked several times if I was ok. Caring and reassuring.

  • Patient at East Lancashire

    I was nervous when I came, but all the staff were brilliant, accommodating and friendly. A very smooth journey from reception to excellent care by the medical team – Ten out of ten!

  • Taylor


    If you’re looking for an organised programme with structure to help you study and pass the NCLEX, look no further! This program is set up in a way that helps you stay organised and on track with studying. I have a very busy schedule, and Shelly worked with me to create a personalised study schedule that worked with my life. I felt supported by Shelly, she answered any questions I had and was encouraging the whole way through. Thank you so much for everything! I passed the NCLEX the first time because of this program!”

  • Jane


    I am so glad I found out about this program when I did; Shelly tailors your studying to your particular strengths and weaknesses, and guides you through the information that you need to be successful with the exam.”

  • Stephanie


    I would most definitely recommend the NCLEX Education course for both students finishing their Nursing programmes now, and current RN’s working, and interested in, writing the NCLEX exam.

  • Dr Semiu A Babayode

    Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, LCFT

    I know I have only been working for ID-Medical and known you for only two and half years but I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your steadfast and unprecedented commitment to my course. It’s a fact many would not admit to that the agency/contractor relationship is full of suspicion but it’s consoling for me personally to find someone I can trust like you. You have inspired me; helped me identify and tapped into my strengths which have helped progress my career within the short period of time I have known you. You have already formed part of my seamless memories which tell my story today, will do tomorrow and in years to come. Heart does not forget; I will forever be grateful to you for making a difference in my humble life as a professional.

  • Dr Arshad

    It has been pleasure to work continually with ID medical for last three years and I would like to appreciate your hard work, dedication, very friendly and personal service. I would like to mention that I never worked with any other agency since I started working with ID medical as you were always there to have a very personal and efficient way of dealing with the job requirements. I would like to mention that you have been at best possible standards to find the job which suited my personal circumstances and specialty requirements and which have helped me a lot during these years. I wish you good luck for your future career and hope that you will make a good progress in your career.

  • Synclare d’souza

    I have worked with Amie in ID medical as a locum doctor for more than 2 years. Amie is lovely and very supportive. I have never been disappointed working with ID medical. She has particularly been very helpful with any queries that I have. I would highly recommend working with Amie.

  • Loan-Mihai Draghita

    I had the opportunity to work with ID Medical this year. Even with the reduction of services in my specialty they were able to find an assignment according to my preference and in the area I wanted. Everything went smoothly every step of the way. There were no issues whatsoever. I was paid on time and I felt that ID Medical is looking after my best interest. I had a very fast reply to any query. Bret, my agency Consultant was fantastic and I was always confident that things get done. Edita was very supportive and helpful with my appraisal. I have nothing but praise for this agency and if you’re thinking of doing locum work I can’t recommend them enough.

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