We understand the challenges…

We understand the challenges our valued international doctors and nurses face when trying to achieve the required IELTS and OET language scores to successfully register with the GMC and NMC.

Which is why we have partnered with leading English language training providers to offer the perfect solution to your medical English exam training needs, supporting you to achieve your goals of professional UK registration.

Our partnership offers you 100% money back guarantee on English language courses when you successfully relocate with ID Medical.

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The ID Medical Scholarship

Get your IELTS/OET preparation course for FREE when you purchase your Swoosh or Odin language course with ID Medical!

Our experience over the last 20 years has taught us that many Healthcare Professionals waste hundreds of pounds on taking IELTS / OET Exams due to lack of preparation and insight into the support available, and we’re keen to ensure you do not make the same mistakes.

This is why we’ve put together the ID Medical Scholarship – a service designed to prepare you, support you and guide you with your English language preparation and revision. We’ll give you the help you need to understand what you need to do and how to successfully prepare and revise.

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ID Medical Scholarship

How to access the ID Medical Scholarship

Book your scholarship with ID Medical and purchase a language course from one our leading language training partners – Swoosh English or Odin English – through us for added support and guidance. We also offer the chance to get 100% of your money back upon successful completion of the course once you successfully relocate to the UK and secure work through us.

To start the process, click on the following link with your contact information and we’ll get straight back to you:

Apply now… and gain access to all these benefits:

• Get the support you need to be ready to take and pass your chosen exam
• FREE language benchmarking tool – to help you select the right course based on your current level of English competency
• IELTS/OET practice mock exams
• Writing correction service
• Study partner matching service
• Continuous support and advice from Swoosh / Odin teachers

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Our scholarship options…

Swoosh English

A leading English language online learning provider, helping healthcare professionals prepare and pass their IELTS/OET exam with the required score to work within the UK. Swoosh English offer highly credited courses and resources including live classes, answer banks, mock exams, writing correction services, all the way through to Facebook group support.

Odin English

Odin English is India’s leading English language course provider, primarily focusing on training doctors and nurses to successfully pass IELTS and OET – they’ve trained hundreds of healthcare professionals to successfully pass their exams and reach the NHS. Odin English offers accredited courses and resources including live classes, answer banks, mock exams, writing correction services, all the way through to interactive Facebook group support.

Swoosh English’s Package Pricing


• $99 OET Accelerator package (9 months access)


• Exam in less than 6 weeks: $149 Intensive (one month access – crash course)

• Exam in more than more than 6 weeks or not exam not booked: $189 Deluxe (1-year access

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

If you are Doctor, we require the following:

• A minimum of 5 years post graduate experience and
• That you are pursuing, or have, GMC registration via the post-graduate experience route
• That you are looking for an NHS role at SPR level or above

If you are a Nurse, we require the following:
• A minimum 12 months post-graduate experience in an acute setting with at least 12 months experience within the last 24 months
• That you are not residing in a developing nation
• Hold a nursing qualification sufficient to gain registration with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

For a full list of developing nations, please visit: https://www.nhsemployers.org/articles/developing-countries-recruitment

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  • Ashel Pinto

    International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

    Thank you for guidance, inspiration, encouragement and being there for me. You are the reason I am where I am today! Most importantly for being a part of my journey… THE RIGHT MENTORS AT RIGHT TIME CAN BE YOUR SAVIOR”

  • Hemaletha Hari

    International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

    Thank you for your support during the interview process! It was very helpful as it lead to the success of my job! I hope to have your valuable support in the future also…

  • Jinu Pandisseril

    Jinu Pandisseril | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

    Thank you ID Medical for your great support and guidance to achieve my goal.

  • Poojitha Kaveti

    International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust:

    Thanks to ID Medical for your support and guidance to reach my goal. I would recommend ID Medical to all the Healthcare Professionals who wish to work in the UK. They are efficient, quick in processing, trusted agency and highly professional.

  • Dr Jide Awobamise(GP)

    Dr Jide Awobamise(GP)

    ID Medical are a resourceful and responsive recruitment company. My Recruitment Consultant has been engaging and on the ball. He permanently seems polite and ready to help – a huge asset.

  • Ada Anioke (ANP)

    Ada Anioke (ANP)

    It has been amazing working with ID Medical, very supportive team especially my Recruitment Consultant, who has been very efficient, supportive, always ready to listen, always in touch and always ready to listen

  • Dr Olu Adeniran (GP)

    Dr Olu Adeniran (GP)

    ID Medical is one of the few recruitment agencies that offer premium personalised services. My Recruitment Consultant is always very supportive all the way. Always available to provide support even at odd hours of the day. He sends me my personalised rota with regular updates. Payments are on time as well

  • Dr Samuel Tiareh (GP)

    Dr Samuel Tiareh (GP)

    ID Medical got me the locum work I was looking for, quickly and efficiently, the registration process was smooth. My Recruitment Consultant is always available and deals with any issues which arise quickly and efficiently. Very helpful and polite.

  • Dr Saad Ali (GP)

    Dr Saad Ali (GP)

    Good experience with ID Medical. They are responsive to messages. Special mention to Abhishekh and manager Anima for their help in getting the shifts booked according to my availability and being on hand for any troubleshooting queries. Would recommend.

  • Samuel Godinho Monteiro

    International Nurse | Samuel Godinho Monteiro

    I want to recommend and thank the company ID Medical for facilitating my recruitment process and moving to a new country. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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