Recruiting for the NHS Internationally – A Permanent Solution

Feb 19, 2015.

According to a comprehensive analysis of workforce numbers, the overall size of the NHS has varied little over the last four years, yet we see an increased reliance on recruiting for the NHS internationally, with new employees hailing from more than 200 countries worldwide!

The British Medical Association (BMA) advocates that “without the support of these doctors many NHS services would struggle to provide effective care to their patients.”

Although medical students and trainees are still attracted to work in the NHS, some doctors and nurses are deterred from pursuing their careers in their specialties due to issues around declining resources, a non-existent work-life balance and enduring medical recruitment pressures. As a result of those de-motivated doctors and nurses, NHS trusts are looking beyond the border, encouraging more healthcare professionals from overseas to help address this obstacle and form an unabridged workforce.

Statistics provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) showed that the Philippines provided the highest number of nursing, midwifery and health visiting staff, after Britain, whilst also providing the third highest number of NHS staff overall with 12,744. Fourth is Ireland, followed by Poland, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Spain, Pakistan and Germany.

So how can the procurement costs for recruiting for the NHS be driven down, do more with ‘less’, whilst ensuring staff are fulfilled within their careers and patients are provided with the highest level of care consistently?

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Pursuing long-term medical talent worldwide

The benefits of working in the UK and its National Health Service are undeniable. It is one of the largest employers in the world, and is the biggest in Europe. Being an integral part of a workforce who is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives is truly rewarding for any aspiring doctor or nurse.

With European countries such as Bulgaria and Romania ranking low in terms of remuneration and offering relatively few rewards for doctors and nurses, healthcare professionals are driven to building their careers away from their homeland and where they can develop further within their specialty. But – with so many options to choose from, doctors and nurses can find it difficult to know where to start, and how to find the best jobs that are not only professionally and financially fulfilling, but jobs that suit their requirements and lifestyle perfectly.

Recognising that there has been a shortage of UK-trained doctors for some time now, ID Medical, the UK’s leading multi-discipline healthcare recruitment organisation has branched out internationally, forming its own International staffing division, providing routes to employment within the NHS for UK job-seeking doctors, nurses and health professionals of all grades and specialties, including permanent and substantive job opportunities.

These opportunities give peace of mind and stability whilst providing International candidates with the opportunity to join experienced teams and work with some of the UK’s top healthcare professionals. At the same time, ID Medical International offers routes to employment outside of the UK, through its pan-global reach.

A judicious approach to recruiting for the NHS internationally

There are many facets of the International recruitment process to consider – from pre-employment checks, UK & International Police Checks, required level of language skills, to competence working within the UK NHS clinical setting (this can differ considerably to other healthcare systems around the world), but, there’s more to it than that. Changing jobs is stressful for any healthcare professional, let alone those changing jobs and making the move abroad. Relocating to an unfamiliar country, embracing a new culture and a new language are all important considerations when bringing in talent from abroad.

Thus, International recruitment initiatives need to be carefully planned and skilfully executed. An increasing number of hospital Trusts across England have been actively recruiting nurses to alleviate staffing shortages but are cautious of a number of elements such as whether the candidate will be the right fit for the hospital and its culture, or whether they possess sufficient language skills to communicate effectively with patients.

With that in mind, it is the responsibility of contracted staffing suppliers to neutralise those worries and to ensure that patient care is not compromised when undertaking overseas recruitment for NHS trusts. Counteracting those worries, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals of foreign origin possess many positive qualities and make a true impact on the UK’s health system. They are proven to be highly motivated and committed to their work, whilst increasing and enriching multiculturalism within the community. Effective long-term workforce planning is more essential now than ever to ensure that the UK has the right level of staff, and that now comprises overseas professionals.

ID Medical International: Establishing a global footprint

ID Medical’s International Division has built a solid reputation of excellence in sourcing highly skilled and competent doctors, nurses and AHP/HSS professionals, yet ID Medical’s ability goes beyond that; orientation programmes, English proficiency training, courses and on-going guidance are provided to non UK native candidates to ensure the transition to working in a UK NHS setting is as stress-free and is as beneficial as possible to both the incoming candidate and the expectant hospital.

As one of the most recognisable health recruitment brands in the global market, ID Medical International helps plan career moves, offers genuine lifestyle opportunities within key global destinations in which it operates; EU, UAE and Asia-Pacific (APAC), meanwhile, helping NHS trusts with their overseas recruitment strategies, ensuring that they receive a sufficient influx of foreign national healthcare professionals.

Garnering a comprehensive understanding of the trends in international medical recruitment and the shortfall staffing areas NHS trusts experience, this specialist division gives candidates access to permanent employment opportunities throughout the UK. Wherever it goes, ID Medical leaves its comforting footprint; restoring confidence in recruiting for the NHS, its’ trusts and helping candidates make the most progressive and rewarding moves of their lifetimes.

ID Medical works with 95% of NHS trusts, recruiting for the NHS and helping international doctors and nurses secure their dream NHS post.

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