Step up to Leadership and Management



Rob Moon


3 Hours, online 9-12



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Stepping into management is a big step.  You have to be Right & Ready.

It’s a big change to go from being one of the team doing the tasks to becoming the leaders of a group of people with added responsibility and accountability.

This workshop thinks through the aspects of management we need to have an understanding of from our early days as a manager.  Our feelings and emotions about the role..

This interactive workshop is made up of discussions and exercises to really understand how we can effectively step up to the management level and motivate, coach and inspire others to fulfil their potential.  These skills are vitally important to run productive, high performing teams & departments.


We will cover:


    1. Introductions & Welcome
    2. Accountability as a Manager
    3. Leadership Behaviours & Trust
    4. Professional Detachment
    5. Situational Leadership
    6. The 4 E’s of Management
    7. My Management Goal


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