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One of the UK’s largest multi-disciplinary insourcing providers

Over 10 million patients could soon be on NHS waiting lists.*

*Source: NHS Confederation estimate, June 2020


Your trust's road to recovery

As one of few providers accredited by every clinical services framework, we have already reduced waiting times and safely delivered care for thousands of NHS patients nationally.

The assured service delivery standards of working to framework have helped us attain average patient satisfaction of >97%, with exemplary audits by the frameworks themselves.

Under full framework governance, call offs and fixed pricing structures allow us to rapidly scale services up and down to tackle changing demand and capacity, saving cost and delivering best value without compromising quality of care.

Is your trust fully prepared?

Designed around you

We have three scalable solutions which can often be supplied at or below NHS tariffs.


Insourced services for diagnostics and elective care


Outsourced services to extend patient capacity off-site


Remote triaging and virtual consultations to reduce footfall


Rapid Mobilisation

We provide highly skilled, clinician-led teams to work within your hospital departments either in-week, evenings or weekends. Our specialist teams can be mobilised in as little as two weeks.


We offer a seamlessly integrated extension of your trust's day-to-day operations, using your own processes and procedures, from appointments and medical records through to decontamination.


Comprehensive Cover

Where face-to-face appointments are necessary, we can see your patients at a clean site close to your hospital, limiting footfall at your trust and allowing patients to continue receiving care.


Our vast network of premises offer valuable space to extend your capacity, enabling you to rapidly ramp up your services safely during the next phases of recovery.


Virtual Services

Our secure virtual clinics, along with optional triaging services, are running seven days a week by our experienced team of NHS consultants. Our digital offering covers the full patient pathway and includes all administration activity.

Digital Consultations

Digital Clinics

Digital Triage Assessment

What specialties can we help with?










Stroke Medicine



Quality Assured

Patient safety and a strong focus on quality are key tenets of our service, and fundamental to our success in reducing NHS waiting times safely and efficiently.

All services are monitored and reviewed by our Clinical Governance board, led by esteemed senior specialists in their fields. A robust framework of policies and procedures are embedded within all aspects of our business.

Comprehensive reporting, independent quality assurance audits and regular contract reviews ensure we deliver against our promise of clinical excellence and improved patient outcomes for all services provided.

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