The top 3 trends in 2020 medical staffing technology!

The top 3 trends in 2020 medical staffing technology!

Jul 31, 2020.

When it comes to medical staffing technology, artificial intelligence and healthcare – there are mixed emotions involved.

Contrary to popular belief, automated staffing technology is not designed to replace the human resourcing, medical staffing solutions and procurement team. Rather, its purpose is to empower your workforce, enhance and improve efficiency of your medical staffing process.

For that very reason, we want to share the top three trends in 2020 medical staffing technology and how it can help transform your trust!

Increased Automation

First and foremost and in fact, the most obvious is the increased level of automation that technology can offer your medical staffing process. Digital staffing platforms are already sweeping the world of work in both private and public sectors; so why not in healthcare, too?

When it comes to staffing a hospital, there are hundreds of tedious tasks such as filling out paper work, filing the paperwork, uploading data, sorting the data, manual organisation and then the worst bit? Waiting for it to print!  So, by implementing a modern, digitised staffing platform, its capabilities of automation are potentially endless.

From documentation uploads, self-booking features to timesheet reporting – modern staffing technology can help your team perform manual tasks with unmatched time and accuracy. This in turn, will help free up valuable time for your HR team, who can become more productive and devote their time to top priority tasks.

Many modern, digital staffing platforms also offer huge benefits to all healthcare professionals as it bridges the gap in the bank staffing recruitment process. By allowing them to take control of their free time by booking in for additional work via dedicated mobile apps, it removes the monotonous task of physically having to walk down to the Staff Bank, filling in paperwork and waiting for a response.

After all, who doesn’t wish there were more hours in the day?

Artificial Intelligence

As we know, traditional methods of staffing a hospital require plenty of paperwork and manual input – how 20th century!! However, a revolutionary digital workforce platform with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) can eliminate these problems with machine learning, neuro-linguistic programming and highly sophisticated algorithms.

Good AI can guarantee you:

Perfect job matching

With vacancy demand high and the availability of healthcare professionals demand low, AI can match and associate the right professional exponentially quicker simply based on their experiences, qualifications and sub specialty interests with the job requirements and grade accordingly.

With this, your time-to-hire will also reduce as you’ll get a complete list of suggested healthcare professionals within seconds.

Leveraging Workforce Data

AI technology is able to build smarter, personalised schedules and to leverage the data available including, sickness, time-off and shift-swap requests in real time. This will empower your healthcare professionals, to take more control with their work/life balance – which is especially important when you have over 10 million patients on waiting lists to be seen.

Utilising Workforce Analytics

AI in medical staffing empowers managers to solve problems and leads to more informed decisions that positively affect employees and a trust’s overall success. By using real-time analytics, it can show managers roster absences, unplanned roster changes, open shifts and it allows them to rely on the bank staff technology to fill these gaps.

Covid 19 Tracker

With Covid 19 very much still present and a potential second wave in winter 2020, it’s essential that all trusts have the ability to successfully track and report their workforces’ Covid 19 status.

Cutting-edge medical staffing technology will allow your employee to mark their health status and should they unfortunately contract the virus they will be able to update their self-isolation status, current symptoms and expected return to work dates.

This live tool will provide valuable real-time data for effective and accurate Covid 19 tracking across their entire workforce. Most importantly, this ground-breaking technology means that hospitals can keep in touch with their valuable people; a critical part of protecting your workforce’s wellbeing.

A Final Word

With the average person spending over two hours on mobile applications a day, it would be illogical not to integrate that into the working practices of your NHS trust. To find out what bespoke technology your trust can receive click here to find out more!

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