The Advantages of Using an Experienced Medical Recruitment Agency

The Advantages of Using an Experienced Medical Recruitment Agency

Jun 17, 2020.

Searching for a new healthcare job can be both time-consuming and stressful, occasionally leading to very little results. Using an experienced medical recruitment agency can be advantageous; however, it’s essential you use a good one who understands your own unique background, needs, family requirements and career goals.

In this blog post, we share five advantages of using a good UK medical recruitment agency to help relieve stress and help doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals move forwards, secure interviews, and win an opportunity that is perfect for their next career move.

1. Knowledge of the Market

When you register with an agency, you should expect to be allocated a dedicated Recruitment Consultant who will be with you from not only the start to finish, but your ongoing career journey.

Your dedicated Recruitment Consultant should have exceptional knowledge within medical recruitment and provide with personal contacts to provide you with valuable insight and advice along every step of the way – not just be chasing their next job placement!

2. Increase your chances of securing your perfect job

Each NHS job advertised on the NHS Jobs portal will receive 1000+ applications, which means even if you would be the perfect candidate on paper – your application just might not be read in enough detail. Did you know that recruiters tend to spend 6-8 seconds reviewing your CV?

By using an experienced medical recruitment agency, it means you don’t have to apply to every single job that you see – you can let your dedicated Recruitment Consultants do the hard work for you and place your CV in front of key NHS recruitment decision makers; including HR, Senior Consultants and Lead Consultants, helping you secure the perfect interview.

3. An opportunity to build relationships

Yes, a medical recruitment agency is there to place people in the jobs they’re advertising; but they should always be looking to build meaningful relationships with their candidates. This is because the more they know about their candidate (and what gets them excited!), the better the chance they can offer a placement that’s genuinely right for them.

The relationship shouldn’t just stop once a candidate has started their new role. A great agency will offer continuous support throughout the entire recruitment process: from interview preparation, organising transport to securing accommodation – they should be no more than a call away!

ID Medical believes in the power of partnerships is essential when working with medical professionals to help create the foundation to their success.  If the time comes in the future where they need advice and support, personal or professional – we will be there to provide it.

By delivering a personal service to our medical professionals we are not only able to assist them but also continuously grow the NHS workforce through our knowledge, communication and commitment.

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4. Constructive Feedback

In our eyes, feedback is imperative when it comes to improving performance and more often than not, this option is not always available when you interview directly via NHS Jobs.

The NHS is a busy service which means as soon as interviews end, Senior Consultants and Lead Consultants don’t have the time to provide individual feedback to every single candidate. Meanwhile, feedback on unsuccessful applications are virtually non-existent, it’ll be a simple “We are sorry to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful” if lucky!

Conversely, when you work with a good recruitment agency, they should be able to guarantee that they’ll provide you with constructive feedback after every single interview, allowing you to highlight your strengths, weaknesses and most importantly, improve for next time.

5. Identifying the best salary

As a doctor, the last thing you want to do is work hard for an interview, secure the job and then only find that you have not been offered the correct salary and benefits based on your level of experience, qualifications and specialist interests.

Instead of you having to enter salary negotiations, your Recruitment Consultant should take on this responsibility. Salary expectations should be identified from the outset and ensure you have a realistic prospect of securing it and then work hard with the trust to secure the right salary post-offer stage.

Working with ID Medical Recruitment Agency

If you’re a doctor, nurse or allied healthcare professional who is at the stage of your career to make the next move – ID Medical has nearly 20 years working as a multi-disciplinary medical recruitment agency, and can support with doing so. Whether you are interested in a permanent, fixed-term or locum post, email your CV to us at

We guarantee:

  • A medical CV review
  • Career goal assessment
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview feedback
  • Support with compliance or visa documents
  • Relocation support
  • Anything else you may need help with, we’ll be here for you every step of the way!


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