How to Apply for Medical Jobs in the UK

How to Apply for Medical Jobs in the UK

May 5, 2020.

If you’re an international doctor or nurse and you have got to stage where you want to apply for medical jobs here in the UK, a very big Congratulations to you! You’ve worked extremely hard and you’ll soon start seeing results from your hard work.

In this blog post, we explain the various resources you can use to take your first career steps and secure yourself your first NHS job!

‘NHS Jobs’ Jobs Board

NHS Jobs is the dedicated online recruitment service for the NHS, posting approximately 20,000 job opportunities every month. The advantage of this platform is that you can set up job email alerts in order to be notified of new listings that meet your specific criteria – including location, grade and salary.
However, international healthcare professionals often find it difficult when utilising NHS jobs to obtain their first NHS post. The NHS recruitment and selection policy is extremely competitive, which means that your applications must be highly detailed with good support information. It’s also essential to tailor each of your applications to the trust you‘re applying for as they all have their individual visions, missions and values.
So, even if you do submit an excellent application – you may be up against 1,000+ other healthcare professionals with the same qualifications or potentially even more experience, making it hard for your application to stand out. Which is why we suggest prioritising the use of a dedicated medical recruitment agency before applying for highly competitive medical jobs on an online portal.

Job Search Engines

In addition, it’s also advantageous to make use of job search engines, such as Indeed. Search engines aggregate job listings from thousands of job boards, career sites and recruiter listings and then presents them in a simple and seamless format.
The power of a job search engine lies in the aggregated database, as it’s meant to streamline the job search process by eliminating the need to visit various hospital websites to find a specific opportunity. Another benefit is the email feature which sends updates straight to your inbox – meaning you never miss out on the medical jobs you might be suitable for.
Nevertheless, job search engines other than NHS jobs, provide a no-frills job site. The navigation, layout and level of detail will not be the same as NHS Jobs – providing very little in terms of additional resources and application support.

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Medical Recruitment Agencies

A medical recruitment agency streamlines the connection between specialised healthcare professionals and NHS and private hospitals. ID Medical has over 18 years of experience and we are proud to share that we work with over 95% of NHS Trusts and a huge number of private medical centres, too.
Making use of the above resources in addition to using a medical recruitment agency, can bring you the following benefits:

1. We help you find your perfect job

When searching for a healthcare job, there is nothing more frustrating than constantly applying and never hearing back from them. You may very well have the correct qualifications and experience, but it’s easy for your CV to get lost with the large volume of applicants hospitals receive on a daily basis.
When you work with a dedicated recruiter, you can be sure that your CV is placed in front of the right person in the right hospital, in the right location. ID Medical can assure you, that your CV will not get lost in the mix! As one of the UK’s largest and most trusted medical recruitment agencies, we take our time to investigate all the options that might be right for you, and can present you with opportunities you may not have even thought of before.

2. Proactive Job Search

Connecting healthcare professionals with the perfect opportunity within a hospital is our specialty. But beyond that, we keep up to date with new and current trends within the healthcare market and our resources stretch wide and far.
Our approach is three fold: exceptional knowledge, communication and life-long partnerships.
Firstly, medical staffing solutions is our specialty and our expertise and knowledge provides us with essential insights and valuable advice creating a smooth recruitment process for every healthcare professional we work with. For example, we recently created a short guide on how you can evidence your English language skills to the NMC – it’s crucial little insights like this can make all the difference with our candidates and their job search.
Second, we pledge to attract the best talent and one of our core values is to build the best relationships with our medical professionals. Therefore, from the very beginning we provide exceptional lines of communication.
Third, it’s our mission to our healthcare professionals to create meaningful partnerships that will form the foundation to their success. Once you’ve successfully secured your UK job, our work won’t stop there.
Our team will provide continuous support throughout the entire relocation process: from Tier 2 visa application support, organising airport transfers to providing help with securing the perfect accommodation for their entire family.
Once our medical professional has then settled into their new job and life in the UK, ID Medical will always be just a telephone call or email away.

3. Dedication

When you join the ID Medical family, we vow to be with you at every step. We want to make this experience for you as smooth as possible; that’s why from your initial contact with us, you’ll be allocated with an experienced recruitment consultant who will work with you throughout the entire journey.
Your experience with us will start with a telephone call with one of our consultants, where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your career history, your qualifications and your career plans and goals. The conversation will then move on to find out about your specific requirements for your prospective medical post, your family’s needs and if you have any preferences on your UK location.
After speaking with you, we’ll then perform our analysis against the opportunities available and begin to contact hospital departments on your behalf to set up interviews.
During the job search process, we pledge to keep you updated at every point; meaning you’ll be supported on your very exciting relocation journey, whether that’s securing an interview or waiting to receive an offer letter. Of course, you can always contact us no matter how small or big the query is as you’ll be issued with your Recruitment Consultant’s personal mobile number – allowing you to always stay connected.
Watching you succeed really is the best part of our day.

Our Concluding Advice

Our honest advice to you is if you’re unsure which resource to utilise in order to secure your dream healthcare post, make use of every single option available to you in order to increase your chances of securing the perfect job, sooner.
So, it’s best to sign up to a medical recruitment company that represents the right values and ethics as yourself as they will be the agency that will be transparent, trustworthy and put your best interest first. We do advise, however, that you only register with one recruitment agency at a time in order to see results more quickly as registering with two could cause complications when it comes to interview and offer acceptance stage.
At the same time as working with an agency, why not keep an eye on NHS jobs and see what opportunities are available there? Your perfect medical jobs could just be a click or call away…

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