Healthcare Recruitment in 2022

Healthcare Recruitment in 2022

Jan 18, 2022.

We have all faced uncertainty these last two years, but the pandemic, and the constantly evolving demands in healthcare, hasn’t stopped Healthcare Professionals from changing jobs or taking on new challenges. Our latest blog explores what this means for healthcare recruitment in 2022, and how healthcare recruitment agencies and healthcare organisations can work together to tackle pressures, uncertainties and demand.

The Covid Impact

2022 looks set to compound the effects of Covid on the NHS, with Trusts across the country already issuing alerts about critical staff shortages. In Lincolnshire, Trust bosses recently warned that ‘extreme and unprecedented” staff shortages were compromising patient care.’ And, latest figures show more than 1,900 patients with Covid were admitted to UK hospitals in a single day, with more than 157,000 new cases across England and Scotland.*

Tackling Staff Shortages

This means, the NHS staffing crisis is still growing; and the need for temporary staffing solutions, longer term International recruitment and Clinical Services support is greater than ever. Especially as NHS Trusts all over the country look to keep essential services open whilst tackling shortages of staff. The huge NHS backlog also means that demand continues to rise in all areas of healthcare.

The Gap between Supply and Demand

As we are all aware, the challenges faced in the healthcare sector are both complex and unprecedented. The gap between supply and demand has never been so wide, and with the immediate and constant need for patient care, a high volume of backlog in every area of healthcare, skill shortages, and imminent future demand, it can feel that Trusts across the country are trying to deliver against a moving target. Healthcare in 2022 will surely see experts within the healthcare sector working more collaboratively to ease the pressure of these relentless demands.

Customised Healthcare Recruitment

At ID Medical, we understand that the NHS needs external expertise to help them deliver their objectives, and we’re well positioned to do just that. Alongside our traditional multi-disciplinary staffing supply; we have always looked to diversify, and our significant investment in workforce technology is a way of ensuring efficiency.

Also, to keep up with the NHS’s ever-increasing demand, we can customise the solutions we offer – such as with the rapid development of our Clinical Services offering – specifically around the requirements of individual Trusts. And by working in close partnership with Trusts, we are able to constantly evolve these offerings in accordance with any changes in how they operate, and any new challenges they’re likely to come up against. See more about our UK healthcare recruitment, international healthcare recruitment and wider medical staffing solutions.

Clinical Services

In 2022, the need for Clinical Services offerings is likely to be stronger than ever, as more and more Trusts look for effective solutions when it comes to reducing ever rising patient waiting times safely and efficiently. With Clinical Teams led by experienced NHS Consultants and Nurse Managers, working with our Service Manager and Medical Director to support waiting time initiatives in multiple disciplines, we understand how to offer efficient elective care services via insourcing, outsourcing and virtual triaging, and, with a 99% patient satisfaction score rating and an average 30% saving on NHS tariffs, this can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing patient wait times.

Workforce Technology

Looking towards customised, interoperable workforce management software solutions that makes the job of staffing NHS hospitals and private Healthcare Organisations safe, financially sustainable, and stress-free will be key when it comes to optimum fill rates at best value and best fit.

ID Medical Workforce Solutions

By bringing together the leaders in workforce technology with the leaders in workforce supply, ID Workforce Solutions deliver a unified approach for public and private clients looking to save time and money through improved safety, cost and customer experience. The partnership of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Locums, Allied Health Professionals and Nursing Clinicians with industry-leading technology offers a complete NHS temporary staffing solution; resulting in a reduction in spend, improved governance, compliance and control.

Our modular digital services include:

– E-Rostering and Job Planning

– Staff & Collaborative Bank

– Agency Management & Direct Engagement

– Recruitment Process Outsourcing

– Revalidation and Appraisals

We hope our guide to Medical Recruitment in 2022 has been useful. To find out more about how we can help you secure the Healthcare Professionals you need, where you need them, please contact us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable Recruitment Advisors will be in touch.

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*Source: C4 News