Elevating Your Medical Career: Stepping Up to Middle Grade

Elevating Your Medical Career: Stepping Up to Middle Grade

Oct 19, 2023.

Stepping up from SHO to Middle Grade is a pivotal step and significant milestone in your medical career. It represents your hard work and dedication, and it opens up new opportunities for you to advance your skills and knowledge.

Taking on locum work can be a great asset for stepping up to Middle Grade. It offers you the flexibility and freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. It also gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in different settings.

If you feel like you may be ready to step up, ID Medical can support. And our specialists can help guide you every step of the way.


Why ID Medical is the choice for aspiring Middle Grade Doctors

Complete flexibility: With locum placements always available, you’re never tied to rigid schedules or confined to a single hospital or trust. As a locum Doctor with ID Medical, you decide when and where you want to work.

Dr Blakey, an SpR Acute Medicine Doctor, highlights the balance that he enjoys: “If I want to take a few weeks off at a time, I’m able to do so. The flexibility and freedom it provides is fantastic with ID Medical.”

Boosted earnings: Alongside flexibility, ID Medical’s locum opportunities can significantly enhance your earnings. This combination of flexibility and higher income ensures that you can have a better quality of life – both inside and outside the hospital.

Comprehensive support: ID Medical provides robust support to all its Doctors. This ranges from dedicated Recruitment Consultants who provide personalised 1-2-1 support to specialised teams that guide on compliance, revalidation, pay, accommodation, and more. It’s this commitment to holistic support that sets ID Medical apart.

With over 20 years of experience and collaborations with 95% of NHS trusts, ID Medical is uniquely positioned to provide unmatched opportunities and autonomy.


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Stepping up to Middle Grade as a Locum Doctor with ID Medical

Climbing the ladder to Middle Grade is an exciting opportunity to advance your career and make a great difference in the lives of your patients. With the support of ID Medical, the transition to Middle Grade can be as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Register with ID Medical today and embark on a fulfilling journey to Middle Grade.

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