How Clinical Support Services Can Help Reduce Patient Wait Times in the Covid-19 Recovery Plan

How Clinical Support Services Can Help Reduce Patient Wait Times in the Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Apr 30, 2021.

The ongoing news of an NHS Covid-19 recovery plan, which will see the acceleration of the delivery of operations and other services to help the health service recover from the pandemic is key when it comes to reducing patient wait times, and by using Clinical Support Services, you can help boost your own Trust’s recovery plans and ensure the best in high-quality, patient care.

Why Clinical Support Services?

Whilst clinical services are part of every NHS Trust, the need for additional clinical services support – with regards to effectively managing patients’ healthcare pathways, improved patient wait times and cost savings, is increasing. This need is ever more prevalent during the current pandemic.

The Covid-19 Recovery Plan

NHS hospitals across the country are bracing themselves for impact on patient wait times when it comes to the Covid-19 recovery plan. And whilst recovery is underway with the welcome news that average wait times on non-urgent surgery has dropped by almost 40% since the summer and the roll out of 40 NHS mental health hubs to help support staff, hospitals are under still under pressure to maximise their capacity on non-urgent operations.

This means that the demand for reliable, high quality healthcare and medical support to ease the burden on existing staff has never been greater.

Ease the Pressure

By delivering NHS Consultant-led insourcing, outsourcing and virtual services, flexibly tailored to your individual Trust’s requirements, Clinical Support Services can ease the pressure on wait times and staff requirements, which also helps permanent staff needing that extra support to prevent burnout.

Using a CQC registered provider with clinical teams led by experienced NHS Consultants and Nurse Managers who can offer a range of multiple disciplines will also help support wait time initiatives.

Save Money against NHS Tariff

Using clinical services can also deliver millions of pounds worth of savings against NHS Tariff

ID Medical Clinical Services

At ID Medical Clinical Services, we believe in the power of supportive services, and via our own tailored and flexible clinical services, with insourcing, outsourcing and digital services options as well as 24/7 support as standard, we are already helping numerous NHS Trusts dramatically reduce patient wait times, save money and gain multi-specialist support seamlessly delivered at, or below, NHS Tariff.

To learn more about clinical services, please take a look at our handy ID Medical Clinical Services – Reducing Patient Wait Times leaflet, which contains a wealth of information on how you can reduce your Trust’s patient wait times and get back on track post-Covid. You can also find further information about our Clinical Services on our website.