ID Medical Clinical Services: Part of something bigger

ID Medical Clinical Services is a division of ID Medical Group – the UK’s leading multi-discipline healthcare recruiter. We call on our resources and expertise to quickly source and deploy solutions to meet your requirements. Our Clinical Services division, providing innovation and service improvement, has been able to support our clients across elective care in reducing waiting times, backlogs and operational pressures through the use of our ring-fenced and best in-class clinical insourcing teams.

By working seamlessly with our clients across specialisms during the week and at weekends those demands on services has been reduced. The quality of provision has been maintained and where necessary improved and our robust quality controls and audits ensure that patient satisfaction is enhanced. As an example at one major University Trust with multi-site clinics, we have been audited as part of our measurement on patient satisfaction at 100%.

Additionally, at some locations we have worked with clients to enable patient pathways to be adjusted and realigned thus reducing demand and waiting times and providing cost improvement in service delivery.

As a national provider, we have the reach, regional presence and local focus, providing temporary, fixed and permanent medical professionals to the NHS.

All of the above ensures that you can be confident in our ability to deliver a range of high-quality clinical services to support trusts and health boards across the UK at any time.

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Appointed to NHS clinical insourced service frameworks to support rapid, compliant procurement.

What our clients say


“In the run up to commencement of service, ID Medical acted professionally in completion of documentation and visited each of the three sites to meet operational leads and understand the layout and any local policies and procedures of individual sites.”

“In arranging individual dates, ID Medical has been proactive in arranging the staffing, and any staffing queries pre-service have been quickly answered. Our Operational and Clinical staff have been very complimentary of the service received.”


Our clinical teams, led by experienced NHS consultants and nurse managers, working with our Service Manager and Medical Director / Responsible Officer, are able to support waiting time initiatives in a number of disciplines, including:

Endoscopy / Gastroenterology, Bowel Cancer Screening, General and Laparoscopic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS), Orthopaedic Surgery, Dermatology, Minor Vascular and Venous Surgery, ENT, Urology, Cardiology (outpatient consultations only). 

Benefits of insourcing

  • More cost effective for the NHS than outsourcing
  • Supports improved quality audits and contract monitoring
  • Reduces the risk of failing to meet RTT targets
  • Improves utilisation of your facilities during non-peak times
  • Seamless extension of your own services
  • Follows agreed pathways using your systems and processes
  • More convenient for patients
  • More flexible to accommodate last minute changes
  • Improved working conditions for your substantive staff


Advantages of ID Medical Clinical Services

  • Use of experienced NHS staff with in-depth knowledge of the NHS, its culture, processes and quality standards
  • Part of ID Medical group, we have access to the largest pool of specialist NHS clinicians and support staff
  • Delivery team ring-fenced to provide a consistent, high-quality service
  • Continuous quality assurance and regular audits to ensure patient safety and good outcomes
  • Responsible Officer investigation and response to complaints, adverse incidents and concerns
  • Bespoke discounted rates tailored to the unique needs of each Trust
  • Flexible, scalable service which matches capacity to demand
  • Ring-fenced teams led by experienced NHS consultants and nurse managers supported by our service managers


 Assured clinical excellence

ID Medical Clinical Services leverages its expertise in compliance, governance, quality assurance and project co-ordination, acting as a conduit for service excellence. We ensure the service is provided in line with national standards, for example JAG for endoscopy, and your local requirements. 

Our Quality Assurance team, led by our Medical Director / Responsible Officer, and comprising of Senior Consultants, ensures our services are safe and exceed all KPIs (local and national), supporting improved discharge rates.

We will report on patient numbers, DNAs, issues and complications and any trends, as well as undertaking regular audits and Quality Assurance assessments, with anomalies investigated and a root cause analysis undertaken.

  • Governance and Quality Assurance (QA) function
  • Industry leading compliance management infrastructure
  • All staff vetted to six NHS Employment Standards
  • Patient satisfaction surveys to ensure premier performance
  • Responsible Officer (RO) investigation and response to any complaints, adverse incidents and concerns
  • Weekly meetings to review performance and timely actions achieved
  • Regular audits of clinician performance through remote monitoring and on-site observation
  • Audit report following each site visit, rating the service and identifying

Our strong clinical governance arrangements assure a clinically excellent service, delivering good patient outcomes and patient safety, supporting cost-effective achievement of performance targets.

Patient confidentiality and data protection

The security of patient information and compliance with patient confidentiality, and data protection legislation, is paramount in everything IDM Clinical Services undertakes on behalf of clients.

Our Governance Board meets monthly to review all reports, developments and act upon complaints. Minutes are shared with stakeholders and everything is transparent with the client.

Embedded seamlessly into the NHS

ID Medical Clinical Services was formed to deliver a cost-efficient service to its clients. Our service is derived from clinicians’ requirements.


  • Unrivalled nationwide coverage
  • Financially robust
  • Appointed as one of only seven companies to the NHS SBS Insourcing of Clinical Support Services framework as well as on the NHS Wales Framework Agreement for the Provision of Clinical, Surgical and Diagnostics Procedures (Lot 2A Insourcing), enabling simplified, compliant and rapid procurement routes
  • Industry-leading clinical experts
  • Weekend and week day insourcing capability
  • Underpinned by ID Medical, providing access to one of the largest pools of clinical professionals in the UK
  • Clinical audits (remote/on-site) to assure clinical excellence and patient safety
  • Partnership approach – ensuring capacity is aligned with demand (ad hoc or regular service)
  • Robust quality assurance system
  • Industry leading employment checks and compliance processes exceeding NHS standards to assure high-quality care