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What is IDMTS?

Positioned as a unique service under the overarching brand of ID Medical Optimisation, ID Medical Turnaround Service (IDMTS), is part of the Mental Health Division of ID Medical, which provides a unique service for hospitals and care homes, within the mental health sector which have an immediate need to implement improvements to patient care in order to meet CQC regulatory standards. Be it whether they are in a position of pre-registration, approaching CQC inspection, seeking to improve their rating, or delivering an independent audit review to ensure their service remains at its premium.

IDMTS recognises the common challenges in mental health for hospitals and care homes following a CQC inspection. The immediate need to react to a poor rating often causes resources to be further stretched, taking management and frontline staff away from regular day to day activity, which ultimately further impacts patient care.

Who we are

IDMTS team members have come together under the ID Medical banner, utilising their depth of healthcare experience within their own disciplines as senior clinical, operational and strategic leaders within the NHS, private and third sector organisations.

Individually, the IDMTS team have credible reputations in leading service turnaround projects, managing regulatory inspections, and establishing and maintaining healthy and proactive relationships with the CQC.

IDMTS offers services the unique opportunity of engaging with a service peer team who understands the common challenges in mental health management. IDMTS offers a bespoke service, to enhance existing resources in challenging situations, enabling services to respond to regulatory failings effectively.

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