Become an Ambassador

Existing ID Medical candidates can request to become an Ambassador to make every referral count that much more. Our Ambassador programme rewards our best advocates with enhanced earnings and additional support.

What is an Ambassador

Ambassadors are just that: ambassadors. We do have some expectations of you, but rest assured that we will provide you with plenty of help along the way.

You’ll receive collateral and training to help you be the most effective advocate of ID Medical that you can be. You’ll even have your own business cards!

The rest is up to you. Use the skills and knowledge, coupled with your existing advocacy of ID Medical to deliver a high rate of referrals. Join the club, climb the ranks and earn more money.

The benefits

When you become an Ambassador, every referral you make can earn you more than ever before. There is no limit to what you can earn.

The rewards stack up quickly, with £50 paid for every 150 hours each referral completes*. Imagine 10 referrals working full time with us… That’s an extra £500 per month for just networking with colleagues about the benefits of joining ID Medical. Now imagine what this new income could look like over 12 months…

*First the first 12 months, starting from the first shift date

Coming soon

We will be launching our Ambassador programme soon. Check back in the coming weeks, and once its live you will be able to apply to be an Ambassador from this page.