Primary Care Nurses

Primary jobs for nurses who care

Now more than ever, patients are relying on the skills of primary care nurses. Nurses have a critical role to play in keeping the NHS running, helping patients get the help they need early.

ID Medical’s specialist Primary Care division is dedicated to your specific needs. From practice nurses through to Advanced Nurse Practitioners, our experienced team is here to help you through the process of finding your perfect primary care job. We have plenty to choose from!

Agency Nurses in Primary Care

ID Medical’s specialist Primary Care division with all three levels of nurses working in primary care settings: Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, and practice nurses can all rely on us to find plenty of jobs to choose from. Find out more about what it takes to work.

Practice Nurse

You’ll have a degree in nursing, and probably an additional training course. Primary care demands a varied skill set. Many of our clients ask for experience with things like chronic disease management, wound dressing, immunisation, and phlebotomy.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

ENPs are highly specialised, generally having a Master’s in nursing and a broad range of specialist training. You’ll probably have experience in working with non-life threatening injuries.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

With your Master’s in nursing and extensive experience, you’re at the heart of the advanced practice team. You’re an independent prescriber, and can support your patients with a broad range of knowledge and skills. ANPs are a key part of any GP surgery – your ability to treat patients without supervision makes you an invaluable asset, particularly for managing chronic illnesses.

Work in a setting that’s right for you

Primary care nurses are stepping out of traditional surgeries and into other settings more and more. With ID Medical’s support, you can explore the full range of settings. Out of hours work is always in demand, and there are plenty of opportunities for work in places like mental health units and HM Prisons as well.