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There are 3 steps within the scheme, which are:

STEP 1 - Observational Post

Description: you will receive ongoing support to easily integrate into the NHS and to better understand the British health system policy, structure and activity. The training program is delivered by GP Trainers, coordinated by Health Education England and will support your preparation for the MCQ and Simulated Surgery exams.
Monthly net income: £3,000
Duration: expected to be up to 3-6 months
Other benefits: up to 4 attempts of MCQ and Simulated Surgery costs will be supported by the NHS

Relocation costs of up to £9,500 are also covered by the scheme, which will help to cover:
  • Transport of family and possessions from home to the UK
  • Accommodation and travel in the UK
  • Flights for candidates to attend interview in the UK

STEP 2 - Supervised GP Placement

Description: you will start working under a supervised placement and you will be monitored by a GP Trainer. The results of the MCQ and Sim Surg will determine the length of the placement.
Monthly net income: £3,500
Duration: expected to be around 6 months
Other benefits: one-off indemnity payment of £1,714

STEP 3 - Independent GP Work

Description: following your placement, you will start working independently and unsupervised as a GP in the UK, employed by a GP practice. You will have your own appointments and you will organise your activity independently. This contract is usually for a minimum of 3 years.
Annual gross income: £68,000 - £72,000 depending on the region
Other benefits: you can work for Out of Hours companies doing extra shifts to boost your income if you wish

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