Have you ever considered working in the UK as a General Practitioner, but been deterred by the lack of support? We have an end-to-end package to make this a reality, with structured training and financial support at every step.

If you're from the European Economic Area (EEA), have completed a residency in family medicine, passed the specialist exam, have good English language skills, or are a returning GP from anywhere in the world:

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NHS England


GPs in England are the cornerstone of the NHS, the first port of call for patients. GPs typically work from practices, leading teams of healthcare and support staff, and working hand-in-hand with other healthcare professionals to deliver the level of care that patients have come to expect of the NHS.

Whilst many GPs come to the UK for the generous salaries and benefits on offer, the real opportunity is in the chance to further your clinical experience working for one of the most impressive healthcare services in the world.

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There are 3 steps within the scheme, which are:

STEP 1 - Observational Post

Description: you will receive ongoing support to easily integrate into the NHS and to better understand the British health system policy, structure and activity. The training program is delivered by GP Trainers, coordinated by Health Education England and will support your preparation for the MCQ and Simulated Surgery exams.
Monthly net income: £3,000
Duration: expected to be up to 3-6 months
Other benefits: up to 4 attempts of MCQ and Simulated Surgery costs will be supported by the NHS

Relocation costs of up to £9,500 are also covered by the scheme, which will help to cover:
  • Transport of family and possessions from home to the UK
  • Accommodation and travel in the UK
  • Flights for candidates to attend interview in the UK

STEP 2 - Supervised GP Placement

Description: you will start working under a supervised placement and you will be monitored by a GP Trainer. The results of the MCQ and Sim Surg will determine the length of the placement.
Monthly net income: £3,500
Duration: expected to be around 6 months
Other benefits: one-off indemnity payment of £1,714

STEP 3 - Independent GP Work

Description: following your placement, you will start working independently and unsupervised as a GP in the UK, employed by a GP practice. You will have your own appointments and you will organise your activity independently. This contract is usually for a minimum of 3 years.
Annual gross income: £68,000 - £72,000 depending on the region
Other benefits: you can work for Out of Hours companies doing extra shifts to boost your income if you wish

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This is a unique opportunity which we’re proud to offer exclusively in partnership with NHS England, making what has traditionally been a difficult process simple and stress-free.

ID Medical will provide an end-to-end service including help with accommodation, transport and transition to the UK. We’ll give you comprehensive support, arranging registration with the GMC, supervision, training and Induction & Refresher (I&R), and we can provide extensive language training and support including free and subsidised options.

We’ve helped hundreds of international Doctors become GPs for the NHS, and are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the route to UK General Practice.

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The National Health Service is looking to expand, aiming to recruit 2,000 General Practitioners by 2020. The NHS offers a chance to extend clinical experience as one of 1.3 million employees, all of whom are proud to work for a ‘national treasure’ and many of whom have come to England from across the globe. The NHS covers 54.3 million people and deals with more than 1 million patients every 36 hours. In 2014 the Commonwealth Fund declared the NHS the most impressive healthcare system overall in comparison to 10 other countries, receiving the highest rating for efficiency, safety and coordination. The NHS is also committed to improving the conditions for general practitioners by investing 2.4 billion a year by 2021. This investment will be used to develop infrastructure and recruit more general practitioners.
The application is carried out in a six stage process. The application is started with an initial conversation in your own country followed by some background checks. You will then be assessed on your English language skills using the English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupation English Test. This will then be followed up by an interview through Skype. Following this, you will register with the General Medical Council (GMC) which is a requirement to work as GP in England. You will then fill out a self-assessment to help tailor your learning and development to your individual needs. You then have the opportunity to visit the area to develop a further understanding of the role and to meet other international GP’s. A second interview will then take place where your learning needs will be assessed. Once the second interview is a success you will be allocated to a GP practice within the region. A minimum of three months training and observation will then begin to prepare you for the Induction and Refresher assessments. The following six months will provide you with the opportunity to treat patients under supervision and guidance from a senior GP at your practice.
While working with the senior GP for the first 12 weeks the salary will be £3,000 after tax per calendar month. It will then rise to £3,500 after tax thereafter until achieving entry into the National Medical Performers list. Once entry is achieved the salary will range from £68,000 to £72,000 a year. There are a number of benefits including paid maternity and paternity leave. As well as paid parental and carers leave.
An extensive programme of support is offered alongside the role. Support will be provided in finding a home, a school and organising transport. Furthermore, guidance will be given for important daily tasks such as setting up a bank account and a mobile phone contract. Alongside this support will be given in the development of your partners English as well as finding work. As well as this any estate agents fee’s or charges for transportation of belongings will be covered to ensure a smooth transition when moving.
We have a range of practices across the North of England who are equipped and ready to support an International GP. We have a variety of locations to suit those who want rural, city, urban – or a combination. We can also accommodate special interests to make sure your career aspirations are supported. Speak to us about yours and your families specific requirements and we can help locate the right area for you.
The North of England boasts some of England’s most affordable housing with the average detached home being £286,000 compared to £394,000 in the rest of England. Living options are diverse with city, coastal and rural living being available including cities which are rich in culture.

The region boasts excellent transport links with a number of major international airports.

Choose from:

North East of England
Greater Manchester
Cheshire & Merseyside
West Yorkshire & Harrogate
South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw
  1. Express an interest in the programme and take part in an initial telephone screening
  2. Provide your CV and evidence of current language ability (minimum IELTS 6.5 / OET C / Cambridge C1 to secure a first interview)
  3. Complete pre-employment checks
  4. Initial Skype interview with NHS employing organisation
  5. Attend a Face to Face open weekend in the local area
  6. Relocate to the UK and start a fully paid 3 month observership with the employing organisation
  7. Engage in and complete Induction and Refresher (I&R) assessments to gain provisional inclusion on national performers list
  8. Complete 6 month supervised placement to gain full inclusion on NHS performers list to begin work as a registered General Practitioner

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To begin the process of moving to the UK, please complete this form. Only doctors who match the criteria outlined above and who are fully committed to completing the recruitment, training and development processes are encouraged to apply.

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