Practice Medicine abroad

Moving abroad to practise is a big decision – make sure you have the support you need with ID Medical’s help. We are now developing partnerships across the globe to give you access to the best opportunities wherever you want to work.

Do you have a particular country in mind? Let us know. Our International team can already help you make the move.

A place full of sunshine and sand dunes may sound like a holiday, but what if you could live and work there all year round? ID Medical is working with clients across the Middle East to recruit specialist doctors and registered nurses. There are a huge range of vacancies available, so if you’ve been thinking about relocating abroad, now is the perfect time.

Our International team has extensive experience helping doctors work abroad. We offer support with everything from finding the right role to determining the appropriate visa to liaising with your new employer. We’re here to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Middle East

Have you ever dreamed of moving to the States to experience the land of opportunity? We’re working with acute hospitals and facilities on the East and West coasts of America to place nurses into permanent jobs.

Nurses who have at least two years’ experience working as a RN in an acute hospital with a minimum of 100 beds within the last 12 months (and currently working) will match the minimum requirements.


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Let us know you’re interested, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss our current opportunities.