Specialist Nurses: transforming NHS healthcare

Specialist Nurses: Transforming NHS Healthcare

Written by ID Medical


No other system is more complex than healthcare, with patient conditions being multifaceted, there are numerous stakeholders with different roles, interests and regulations.

So, who can offer a patient their undivided time, personalised care and specialist knowledge? Specialist Nurses – and we’re here to tell you exactly what they can offer!


What are Specialist Nurses?

Before we start raving about how amazing specialist nurses are, let’s start with what exactly they do…

Specialist nurses work in a variety of acute and community settings, specialising in a particular area of practice from mental health to district nursing with one sole purpose: provide patient-centred care. This care can be given in a variety of different forms including education, increased appointment time, empowerment, guidance and general wellbeing support.

The role of specialist nurses completely transform a patient’s healthcare experience and we want to tell you exactly what this type of nurse has to offer!

Invaluable Time with Patients


Healthcare professionals have very busy schedules, with patients demanding care every minute of the day. The pressure is especially true for GP’s as they work against a patient consultation target rate, which means appointments are often limited to 10-minute slots. Unfortunately, without more doctors joining the system, that allocated time slot won’t change. However, there is one healthcare professional that has a major resource that others don’t… time!

Research reveals that the more time spent with patients the better the patient outcome, fewer complications, fewer hospitalisations and better overall patient health. The great news is that the role of the specialist nurse is to provide purely that: additional clinical time with patients to ensure they get the best possible outcome.


Personalised Care


Every person is unique with a different DNA makeup and with such varying lifestyles and environmental differences – the NHS needs to move away from a one size fits all approach when it comes to the care and treatment of patients.

Fairly new to modern medicine, specialist nurses have the opportunity to tailor a personalised care plan for each patient to ensure an accurate diagnosis is always made with the most effective interventions to improve health whether that is through medicine, lifestyle choices or diet changes.

Improved Career Development


Nurses form the largest group within the NHS and they are absolutely crucial to its success. They have the experience, skills and knowledge to work in every sort of healthcare setting from A&E, schools, residential care homes to the wider community.

The opportunity to become a specialist nurse allows this skilled group to pursue a specialty that they’re passionate about, providing them with a foundation to enhance both their knowledge and skills! Their unique knowledge also paves the way for a salary increase!

Once a nurse has gained more experience and specialised, they can earn up to £37,890 and if they want to go one step further and obtain a Master’s to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner then they can earn up to £44,503, Head Nurses can see up to £51,668 and finally, Consultant Nurses up to £104,927.

Not only do specialist nurses allow individuals to personally prosper, but it also improves employee retention in hospitals because nurses are getting the most out of their role, transforming patients’ lives and getting a salary they truly deserve.

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