Our Message to the Chancellor: Introduce Death-in-Service Rights for All

Written by ID Medical


Our Locums and returning medical professionals proving vital in the fight against Covid 19, it’s time their lack of Death-in-Service rights were reviewed.

With every single Hospital facing a once in a lifetime event, the nation’s Locums and returning personnel have answered the call in their thousands to help fight the pandemic; risking their own lives to assist in maintaining exceptional levels of patient care.

Our close relationships with all our healthcare professionals has however, revealed a problem which is causing them a great deal of concern; and that’s the lack of death-in-service support the Government currently offers Locums and returning professionals. Should the worst happen, it can potentially lead to the families of those affected missing out on crucial financial assistance as a consequence of them caring for the health of a nation.

As one of the UK’s largest medical recruiters, we have a duty of care to all our healthcare heroes; so, we felt it right that we highlight this issue to the UK Government and have written directly to Chancellor Rishi Sunak MP for his assistance with this matter.

Whilst we’re aware that the Government and the Healthcare Secretary Matt Hancock recently announced that families of frontline NHS and social care staff will each receive a £60,000 payment should they die from Coronavirus, we feel more can be done for our essential Locums and returning professionals. An excerpt from our letter is shown below:

“As the BMA has recently warned, Locums and returners have yet to receive any assurances from your Government over their death-in-service rights. We’re now approaching the second month since Covid 19 reached the UK and was declared a global pandemic, yet there has still to be any official response to this urgent matter – and we believe this is having a serious effect on the morale of both Locums and returning medical professionals.”

“When considering the current crisis, we believe that now more than ever, this critical part of the NHS frontline would be grateful for clear guarantees from your Government over death-in-service rights to allow them to work with confidence during these challenging times.

We will of course update you all if and when we receive a response to our letter. In the meantime, the team here at ID Medical is on hand 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. Stay safe, and thank you all for your incredible efforts over the past few months.

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  1. chioma ofoegbu

    While this is a good development but it does not solve the issue of immigration. What’s happens to the family of a tier 2 visa holder if the main candidate passes during this pandemic?

  2. Mazhar Ul Haq

    I have been working as a locum Consultant physician in NHS for nearly 8 years and this assurance is really vital to give me a sense of appreciation from the government especially when Locums are not a part of NHS pension scheme

  3. Belinda Edwards

    I have already raised this with the RCN early March as I am not now paying in to the NHS pension scheme I was only covered for indemnity for the hours worked on shift no death in service so that’s why I raised this with RCN I was informed that this was the first time the question had been raised and would look into it interesting they came back to me three days later and I was told that it would be taken to the cobra meeting where the chief of nursing In NMC would put this on the agenda and I have not heard anything since thank you for the update Belinda Edwards

  4. Shadreck Munyuki

    I do appreciate what Id-Medical is trying to do. As a way of saying thank you to all NHS staff and locum staff, l think that, on top of what you are requesting, the government should also give us a tax exemption for 12 months.

  5. Anna Kutoka

    As much as we are grateful for 60 000 promised payment for frontline workers who die while saving i personaly feel the amont is too little the government could have paid more. We are talking of a life lost most of these people are bread winners.

  6. Ketayi Mtongwizo

    Our service our passion. Do the right thing, as healthcare support and assistant I feel left out in everything so as my family. We are the driving force of health system recognise our service.


    I work in NHS as a locum radiographer. We forward this petition in support of motion ID Medical is spearheading.

  8. Mr Kemo Samateh

    I think we should be treated like any other frontline NHS worker. In fact, in some places the locum nurses are given the most critical patients to look after. I remember in one hospital where I was given six positive Covid-19 patients when regular staff are give three non positive Covid- 19 patients…….it makes me wonder how long I can go on like this at this critical time

  9. Jenny Mukoma

    If government cannot honour to Locums the death in service benefit during this pandemic period,then all Locum key workers should have escalated rates for payments so as it can be affordable for them to source their own insurance coverage equivalent to their counterparts in NHS

  10. Gina Jones ANP

    Everyone in the front line dealing with Covid patients whether nhs, social care or agency carers and health care professionals, should have parity and equality in terms of benefits. If all staff who were not nhs employed refused to work as their rights were not protected, there would be a resulting and immediate crisis on top of the Corona crisis. We are putting our lives at risk for the public. We should therefore have the same benefits as others doing the same job!

  11. Paz

    They have to provide us the proper PPE in the countryside hospital, they need to give us a scrub suit to wear in the ward and when we finished we have to leave our uniform in the hospital not bringing it home to wash at home, cause we are scattering the dirty uniform at home. Not using our own uniform with the patient with covid19. I hope they will see to it that the hospital will give us scrub suit and removed it in the hospital.

  12. Fideles Sarsoza

    How about nurses who were affected with corona virus and I was admitted to Intensive care unit and survived?Do we have a sick pay since we are PAYE or a financial support since I can’t go back to work for 2 months?

  13. Jane Phiri

    This is great as Agency are also making great job in the frontline.
    Their great contribution should not just be left unnoticed.
    Thank you for having us in thoughts like everyone else.

  14. Tsitsi G. Nyemba

    We appreciate your move on this issue please keep pushing it’s very urgent. Locums and returnees are three quarters of the frontline staff.

  15. Devkishan Gupta

    I support it fully

  16. Joanne

    All the NHS staffs should be treated the same with no difference between permanent and locum staffs

  17. Dr A F Choudhury

    The locum doctors work contribution has never received its deserved recognition not only from the government but also from the respective colleges and Trust where they work.
    I thank the ID Medicals for voicing their support for the forgotten Locums.

  18. Roselyn Chipamaunga

    We are all nurses whether agency or NHS we should be receive same benefits. We are working under one big Company THE NHS.

  19. Joram Mwaura

    Introduce Death-in-Service Rights for All Please.

  20. Khanyisile Simelane

    This is well appreciated. A lot of locums O have spoken to ate really worried about this. Thak you for taking the lead.

  21. Jeena

    Thank you for raising the issue of ‘death in service’ benefits for Locum Doctors. This is particularly important in the current scenario requiringUrgent interim arrangements and also requires a more permanent solution for all locum doctors.

    • LUCY Kotokwa

      I support fully all the above, but to just add a few ! I do believe there has been some research and evidence saying health care staff from BME are the most vulnerable when working as frontline NHS workers, so how come these called PPES are being said to be worn only in ITU, or Recognised Covid wards yet on any other medical wards we still look after patients who will be ?? Covid, or you don’t even get proper hand over such as patient was tested or not!. Other’s will be said they were positive 2 WEEKS ago ago yet these patients are not being re tested. Imagine on one of the wards i went to work there were saying 11 permanent staff were off sick Covid positive@ hello is this not suppose to scare someone , please guys as AGENCY Nurses
      We don’t get any sick pay and this got me if it was me then WHAT next?? So to the so called Employer’s who are getting us these shifts from These NHS Trusts , please negotiate better Pay Rates THANKS for all the above not forgetting to salute our Other AGENCY Nurses who died doing the good jobs May their SOULS RIP.

  22. benenia mugadza

    Thank you ID Medical for your move. The truth being said , as agency nurses we are being pushed to Covid wards without adequate protection. When it comes to PPE they give permanent staff and leave you out but expect you to do the riskier tasks. We are all nurses and NHS should treat us the same. £60000 isn’t anything worthy for the sacrifice but at least it’s something. All front line worker who die in line of duty should receive it.
    To be fair on most wards you find 2or 3agency workers with 1or 2 permanent staff. Most are self isolating.
    The government need to look at this seriously.


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