Celebrating the new UK Health and Care Visa: the fastest route to your NHS job!

Celebrating the new Health and Care Visa ID Medical Blog

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The new UK Health and Care visa is here and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

The UK Government has recognised how the previous Tier 2 visa pathway was deterring healthcare professionals from choosing the UK for their next career move and so, has designed a unique visa – called the UK Health and Care Visa.

The new visa remedies some of the main issues that affected the Tier 2 visa and in this blog post, we’re going to tell you the exact benefits of the new visa and how it has significantly changed the NHS job market for the better!

Why did they introduce a new UK Health and Care Visa?

All healthcare professionals that have previously relocated to the UK and joined the NHS can vouch for how expensive, time consuming and stressful the entire process is! From visa fees to the immigration health surcharge… it was a lot!

The UK Home Office has aimed to combat all of those issues with the following…

Cheaper Prices

For a visa up to three-years, the new cost is set at an amazing £232 (previously £464!)! If you’ve been offered a job for longer than three years, a new visa will cost you £464! The great news is that the fees are the exact same for your dependants, so it means your family can come along too!

Faster-Processing Time

The NHS truly is at the heart of the UK and with the UK Government aiming to show gratitude to one of the best healthcare systems in the world – it’s set out to eradicate the previous lengthy processing time and delays that were simply unsustainable should they want more international employees to strengthen to the NHS workforce.

Now, you are guaranteed to get a decision on your visa application in as little as three-weeks, helping you step off the plane at Heathrow or Gatwick a lot sooner than you thought!

Less Stress

By reducing the fee and decreasing the processing time, there’s only one thing left to change…

An increased amount of support! Before the UK Health and Care visa, all UK work visas were processed under one umbrella (the Tier 2 Visa) which inevitably caused delays. So, very much needed healthcare professionals were sat waiting, twiddling their thumbs for some paperwork to be processed when all NHS trusts across the UK were understaffed with patients to care for.

With over 10 million patients on NHS waiting lists, to prevent any delays the UK Home Office has introduced a specific support team for NHS hospitals to use in order to track their new employee’s visa application…  Win win for everyone!

Are you a healthcare professional looking for a new role, or simply some advice about the new Health and Care Visa? Just hit the link below to chat to us on WhatsApp – our teams are on hand to help!
Reach us via WhatsApp - just hit this link

So, how has this impacted the NHS job market?

Prior to the pandemic, there were over 10,000 doctor vacancies and 40,000 nursing vacancies… post-pandemic there are still 10,000 doctor and 40,000 nursing vacancies – and these are just some of the challenges facing the NHS in a post-Covid 19 world.

The new UK Health and Care Visa means that now the thousands of vacancies will be easier to fill as international healthcare professionals will be more motivated to come to the UK…

Of course, you’ll still need to be eligible for GMC and NMC Registration to apply for UK job posts but you’ll notice interviews will come in thicker and faster once eligibility is achieved and with our help you’ll be starting your new life in the UK with your dream NHS job sooner than you thought!

How can ID Medical help?

With over 18 years’ experience within Medical Recruitment, securing healthcare professionals NHS roles is our specialty!

From the very start we will be here to guide you.

If you’re eligible for your council’s registration, simply send your CV to us at marketing@id-medical.com and one of our dedicated Recruitment Consultants will telephone you to find out your job requirements, family’s needs and your ideal UK location.

We guarantee:

  • A medical CV review
  • Career goal assessment
  • Interview preparation
  • A range of NHS interviews
  • Interview feedback
  • Support with compliance or visa documents
  • Relocation support
  • & anything else you may need help with, we will be here for you every step of the way!
Regiter with ID Medical today and give your career a boost

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  1. Sandhya

    Hi I have my sister working as a Nurse in Muscat. Can she apply as Tier 2. If so what is the application process.?

    • ID Medical

      Hi Sandhya, thanks for your comment.

      That’s great news! Your sister will need to evidence their specialist knowledge and skills via the NMC’s CBT Exam, which you can learn more about via the following link – https://bit.ly/31xTPZQ

      She’ll then need to evidence her English language skills via IELTS/OET. Once done, the NHS job search can start and then the visa process once a job is secured.

      hope this helps and all the best,

      ID Medical

  2. Jeevan

    Hi. My brother is an Mbbs Doctor in india. Is he eligible to apply??

    • ID Medical

      Hello Jeevan, thanks for your comment.

      As your brother has his primary medical degree, the next steps to GMC Registration will be the following:
      – Obtain a year’s internship experience
      – Evidence his English language skills via IELTS/OET
      – Evidence his specialist knowledge and skills via PLAB or a GMC approved postgraduate qualification

      Your brother will then be eligible to start the NHS job search. Once he has successfully obtained a job offer with a valid CoS, he can make his application for the UK Health and Care Visa.

      If your brother has any further questions, please do tell him to email us at marketing@id-medical.com and we will be happy to advise.

      All the best in his journey to the UK!

      ID Medical

  3. Baby Varkey Arreeckal

    Diploma in general nursing and midwifery graduated from India on 1996,noe working in Kuwait MOH, can aply?

    • ID Medical

      Hello Varkey, thank you for your comment.

      To apply for the UK Health and Care Visa, you must have a valid UK job offer. To obtain a UK job offer, you must be eligible for NMC Registration via:
      – Evidencing your English language skills via IELTS/OET
      – Evidencing your specialist knowledge and skills via the NMC’s CBT exam

      Once you have completed the above steps, the NHS job search can begin!

      Please do contact us if you have any further questions and we will be more than happy to guide you further.

      Thank you,

      ID Medical


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