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Acute Medicine Consultant Jobs

Acute Medicine plays one of the most visible and important roles in keeping people healthy, and ultimately saving lives. It requires a depth of knowledge across a wide range of medical conditions and care techniques, the ability to think quickly and make crucial decisions on the go, and deal with an unpredictable set of circumstances every single day.

Working as an Acute Medicine Consultant can be incredibly rewarding. But the stresses of the job, aligned to the after-effects of the pandemic, has left Healthcare Organisations suffering from a shortage of candidates. This means there are plenty of jobs on the market for talented Healthcare Professionals like you.

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Why Acute Medicine Consultants are in demand right now

Acute Medicine Consultants and others involved in frontline care have been placed under particular stress over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is hoped that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, many involved in acute care have chosen to change jobs or leave the NHS altogether because of the physical and mental toll.

The result of this is an exacerbation of the number of job vacancies available in healthcare across the UK. According to the BMJ, there were 110,000 vacancies across NHS Trusts as of April 2022. This industry challenge is an opportunity for your career, as it means it’s never been easier for you to find Acute Medicine Consultant roles that work for you.

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How can ID Medical help you find your next role?

ID Medical is the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment specialist, working regularly with more than 95% of NHS Trusts, and in the last three years, all 100% of trusts and also achieving a 98% platinum-status NHS Framework Rating. Our team of more than 600 Healthcare Specialists maintain regular contact with all the Healthcare Professionals we support, finding them new jobs every day, and filling more than eight million patient care hours every year.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible outcomes for all: for you and your career, for Healthcare Organisations needing quality staff, and for patients looking for better outcomes.

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Benefits of working with ID Medical

Like all medical professionals, Acute Medicine Consultants have faced plenty of pressure in recent years, due to Brexit, patient waiting times, COVID-19 and other factors. We have hundreds of vacancies available at any one time, and access to all major frameworks so that you can apply for your first-choice position.

When you work with us, you get help with compliance through a dedicated team, the chance to benefit from a lucrative referral scheme, and much more. Everything we do at ID Medical is focused around giving you the easiest, most stress-free experience possible when looking for a new job. After all, Acute Medicine can be stressful enough without extra burden being placed on you by a recruiter.

But working with us isn’t just about one job. We build trusted long-term relationships with our Healthcare Professionals, helping them find numerous positions over several years and playing a leading role in developing and furthering their careers.


Our quick and easy registration process

It takes no more than a couple of minutes to get set up with ID Medical through our easy, online registration process. You’ll be asked to provide your details, experience, specialisms and to attach your CV, and you’ll also get the chance to express your preferences in the jobs you’re looking for. All this information makes it easier and faster for us to connect you to the Acute Medicine roles you want.

The next steps

After you’ve completed the registration process, our team dedicated to your specialty will take the information you’ve provided and search through all the relevant Acute Medicine jobs we have available. You’ll also be assigned your own Recruitment Consultant as part of our 1-2-1 service who you can contact at any time for support, queries and advice. We’ll then contact you at a time that suits you to discuss your potential options, and work out which jobs you’d like us to put you forward for.

The team will help you through the compliance process too, including filing in the right documents and references, and undergoing the right checks, at the right times. 

Register with ID Medical today

Whatever the type of Acute Medicine role you’re looking for, we can help connect you to the latest jobs available. Start your ID Medical registration process now and take an exciting new step in your healthcare career.


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Due to the number of vacancies we handle and the speed at which we fill them, we cannot advertise all our roles online, so this is just a sample. Please do register your interest with us today as we would love to help you find your next role.

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  • Ashel Pinto

    International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

    Thank you for guidance, inspiration, encouragement and being there for me. You are the reason I am where I am today! Most importantly for being a part of my journey… THE RIGHT MENTORS AT RIGHT TIME CAN BE YOUR SAVIOR”

  • Hemaletha Hari

    International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

    Thank you for your support during the interview process! It was very helpful as it lead to the success of my job! I hope to have your valuable support in the future also…

  • Jinu Pandisseril

    Jinu Pandisseril | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

    Thank you ID Medical for your great support and guidance to achieve my goal.

  • Poojitha Kaveti

    International Nurse | The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust:

    Thanks to ID Medical for your support and guidance to reach my goal. I would recommend ID Medical to all the Healthcare Professionals who wish to work in the UK. They are efficient, quick in processing, trusted agency and highly professional.

  • Dr Jide Awobamise(GP)

    Dr Jide Awobamise(GP)

    ID Medical are a resourceful and responsive recruitment company. My Recruitment Consultant has been engaging and on the ball. He permanently seems polite and ready to help – a huge asset.

  • Ada Anioke (ANP)

    Ada Anioke (ANP)

    It has been amazing working with ID Medical, very supportive team especially my Recruitment Consultant, who has been very efficient, supportive, always ready to listen, always in touch and always ready to listen

  • Dr Olu Adeniran (GP)

    Dr Olu Adeniran (GP)

    ID Medical is one of the few recruitment agencies that offer premium personalised services. My Recruitment Consultant is always very supportive all the way. Always available to provide support even at odd hours of the day. He sends me my personalised rota with regular updates. Payments are on time as well

  • Dr Samuel Tiareh (GP)

    Dr Samuel Tiareh (GP)

    ID Medical got me the locum work I was looking for, quickly and efficiently, the registration process was smooth. My Recruitment Consultant is always available and deals with any issues which arise quickly and efficiently. Very helpful and polite.

  • Dr Saad Ali (GP)

    Dr Saad Ali (GP)

    Good experience with ID Medical. They are responsive to messages. Special mention to Abhishekh and manager Anima for their help in getting the shifts booked according to my availability and being on hand for any troubleshooting queries. Would recommend.

  • Samuel Godinho Monteiro

    International Nurse | Samuel Godinho Monteiro

    I want to recommend and thank the company ID Medical for facilitating my recruitment process and moving to a new country. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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