Gender Pay Gap Report


For all organisations that employ over 250 employees it is now a legal requirement for them to publish annual calculations of pay gaps between their male and female staff members, regardless of their role or seniority. For the private sector, the data is a snapshot at the point of 5th April each year.

ID Medical has two types of employees: Permanent Staff and Temporary Workers. For permanent staff, our data is based on a snapshot date of 5th April 18. For temporary workers the hourly pay data relates to all timesheets processed for temporary workers employed in weeks 41-53 of the 2017/18 Tax Year (8th January 2017 to 6th April 2018), and their bonus data is based on the full tax year.

ID Medical has calculated the following for its employees and workers:

  • The difference in the mean pay of full-pay men and women, expressed as a percentage
  • The difference in the median pay of full-pay men and women, expressed as a percentage
  • The difference in mean bonus pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage
  • The difference in median bonus pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage
  • The proportion of men and women who received bonus pay
  • The proportion of full-pay men and women in each of four quartile pay bands

Pay Gap Analysis

The combined pay gap for both ID Medical’s Permanent Staff and Temporary Workers is as follows

CalculationFemale £Male £Difference £Gap %
Mean Gender Pay Gap for Hourly Pay28.2857.7629.4851.0%
Median Gender Pay Gap for Hourly Pay21.9556.8034.8661.4%
Mean Gender Pay Gap for Bonuses3,148.3210,730.477,582.1570.7%
Median Gender Pay Gap for Bonuses656.542,863.702,207.1677.1%
Proportion who received Bonus Pay45%26%  
Upper Quartile29%71%  
Upper Middle Quartile60%40%  
Lower Middle Quartile89%11%  
Lower Quartile75%25%  

To provide greater clarity, we have separately analysed the two distinct groups below.

Permanent Staff

CalculationFemale £Male £Difference £Gap %
Mean Gender Pay Gap for Hourly Pay14.3422.368.0235.9%
Median Gender Pay Gap for Hourly Pay11.0715.364.2927.9%
Mean Gender Pay Gap for Bonuses7,226.9014,123.206,896.3048.8%
Median Gender Pay Gap for Bonuses1,887.505,245.973,358.4764.0%
Proportion who received Bonus Pay59%69%  
Upper Quartile30%70%  
Upper Middle Quartile40%60%  
Lower Middle Quartile62%38%  
Lower Quartile62%38%  

ID Medical has a mean hourly pay gap of 36% in favour of males, which is impacted particularly by the top quartile, reflecting the higher number of males (70%) in management and senior technical roles. The median calculation reduces the pay gap to 28%, highlighting the wide-range of values impacting the mean. The pay gap does not mean that women are paid less than men for the same equal job. The gender pay gap is different to equal pay which focuses on comparable jobs.

The mean pay gap for Bonuses is 49%, which increases to 64% for the median gap. Bonuses are predominantly awarded to employees in the sales environment, of which 55% are male. The percentage is further affected by the split of manager roles in this area, which are 77% male.

The quartiles calculation requires us to show the percentage of males and females in each of four quartiles, which are derived from a list of all the hourly pay rates divided into four equal sections. As noted above, the upper quartile has a high percentage of males because of the amount of men in our management roles. The lower quartile includes more admin related roles which are in favour of females by 62%. These types of roles are able to offer more flexible hours with many filled by women who have other commitments such as a family, however they do attract lower salaries due to the lower levels of responsibility and technical skills required.

Temporary Workers

CalculationFemale £Male £Difference £Gap %
Mean Gender Pay Gap for Hourly Pay32.5369.1336.6153.0%
Median Gender Pay Gap for Hourly Pay23.7375.1051.3768.4%
Mean Gender Pay Gap for Bonuses652.14860.72208.5824.2%
Median Gender Pay Gap for Bonuses304.75382.9778.2220.4%
Proportion who received Bonus Pay39%10%  
Upper Quartile30%70%  
Upper Middle Quartile48%52%  
Lower Middle Quartile93%7%  
Lower Quartile95%5%  

ID Medical’s temporary workers are comprised of nurses (49%), AHPs (2%) and doctors (49%), supplied predominantly to the NHS. The majority of nurses (76%) are female, whereas women account for just under quarter (24%) of Doctors. As Nurses are paid less than Doctors, the overall average pay rates for female temporary workers is 53% lower. This extends to the median hourly pay gap, which is 68%, again reflecting the preponderance of female nurses who are paid less than Doctors. In addition changes to IR35 rules in the year meant that the vast majority of Consultants (Higher Paid Candidates) that were operating through Limited companies moved to either Self Employed or PAYE.

Bonuses are occasionally paid to temporary staff, more commonly to nurses, who are predominately (76%) female.

For temporary workers, the upper quartile is 70% male, reflecting the fact that the majority of doctors (76%) are male. The lower two quartiles are impacted by the predominantly female nursing workers.


ID Medical acknowledges that there could be greater female representation in its permanent management and technical roles; however the pool of available applicants and existing workforce tends to have a greater proportion of males to females, which limits the pool of available females to progress into these types of roles.

Over recent years ID Medical has been developing and implementing leadership development training to strengthen the skills of its existing staff to support career development within the organisation, which should assist with the career development of female staff into more senior and management roles within the organisation.

Likewise ID Medical acknowledges that there could be greater male representation in less senior roles, however there are some limitations due to the pool of available applicants and an example of this is male admin-related roles.

In relation to temporary workers, the trends we witness of males dominating senior positions and females dominating the lower quartile is matched by findings in NHS trusts Gender Pay Gap reports, which demonstrates a common theme within the industry.

ID Medical has a robust recruitment process that has equality and diversity embedded into its processes and will continue to recruit in a non-gender biased manner to ensure that adverts and applicants are recruited in a fair, open and transparent manner.


I confirm that ID Medical Group Ltd is committed to the principle of gender pay equality, has prepared its 2018 gender pay gay results in line with mandatory requirements and that the above information is accurate at the snapshot date.
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Deenu Patel
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