Jan 30, 2020

The Digital Future of Healthcare

Almost every aspect of modern life has been radically reshaped by technology, and the future of healthcare is no exception. Technology is continually opening up new possibilities for prevention, care and treatment, but how will technology transform the future of healthcare? We’ve analysed data from the NHS Long Term Plan to reveal what the future […]

Jan 22, 2020

What is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week?

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week takes place from the 20th to 26th of January, 2020, and is part of the annual #SmearForSmear campaign by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. The charity encourages as many people as possible to go for a smear test and to document their participation with a lipstick smear selfie and the promoted hashtag. […]

Jan 6, 2020

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

With up to 60% of the human body being made up of water, staying hydrated is key to maintaining positive health! According to the NHS, people should try to drink about six to eight glasses of water a day, however, most people drink below the recommended daily amount. To help you with staying hydrated throughout […]