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Locum Revalidation

ID Medical Doctors GMC Revalidation

The General Medical Council (GMC) have made it mandatory for every doctor with a licence to practice in the UK to engage in the revalidation process.

ID Medical are committed to providing a Premier Level Service to our doctors by guiding them in preparing for Revalidation. By engaging in the revalidation process with ID Medical you will be offered the best job opportunities with the highest levels of pay.

Locum Revalidation


Locum Revalidation

"The appraisal process that ID medical provides is one of the best that I have worked with. The revalidation team at ID Medical is absolutely brilliant, they always go out of their way to help the appraisees with the whole process. I cannot speak more highly of them"

Dr.Golder PhD, FRCS [Gen] Colorectal Surgeon

Preparing for revalidation

To continue practicing in the UK locum doctors are required to revalidate once every 5 years. To prepare for revalidation, the GMC requires you to:

  1. Participate in an annual appraisal
  2. Collect feedback from colleagues and patients once every 3 years

ID Medical is here to help with locum revalidation, providing a world-class revalidation support service to doctors. See below for details of the locum revalidation package.

The ID Medical Locum Revalidation Support Package

ID Medical has created a revalidation package to support you through your appraisal, patient/colleague feedback, and the full process. Our package includes:

"I would like to express my positive experience with the appraisal process offered by ID Medical team.
The team was always there when needed and always kind and patient with my anxiety. They were open to guide me and answer my questions.

The appraisal was organized in a professional manner with an online system which was extremely easy to work with. The venue of the appraisal was perfectly chosen and everything went on smoothly and uneventfully. I was provided with appropriate certificate. "

Dr.Kavaklieva, Locum Consultant
  • One appraisal conducted by a fully trained, accredited and certified appraiser
  • One 12 month license to the market’s leading revalidation portal
  • Appraisal venue in a convenient location for you
  • Responsible officer Mr Fahed Youssef reviewing all appraisal output forms
  • 360 degree patient / colleague feedback facility
  • Access to our online E-Learning Zone
  • A Dedicated ID Medical Support Team to assist in all questions & queries regarding your Revalidation.

The price of each appraisal conducted will differ according to the variables above. To find out more about how you can purchase our package, please contact the ID Medical Revalidation support team on 0845 130 9331 or revalidation@id-medical.com.

Useful Documents for appraisees

Appraisal Guidance

Private Appraisal only


Revalidation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my apprasial?

In order to prepare for your appriasal, you should create a portfolio containing the following:

  • A list of posts undertaken including exact dates
  • 360 Colleague and Patient Feedback, Assessment Forms and any Letters from Patients
  • Exit Reports and References
  • Incident Reports and Complaints
  • CPD/CME Activities i.e. courses, conferences, meeting, training, research, teaching, audits etc.
  • Log Book and verified record of clinical activities

What is the process for preparing for revalidation?

  1. Log on to your GMC account to select a designated body for Revalidation
  2. Participate in an annual appraisal
  3. Collect Colleague and Patient Feedback once every 3 years
  4. The GMC will contact your Responsible Officer 6 weeks prior to your Revalidation Date
  5. Your Responsible Officer will review all of your documentation and make a recommendation on your behalf to the GMC for your Revalidation

What are the benefits of engaging in the process?

  1. Your GMC licence will be renewed by the GMC enabling you to continue to practice in the UK
  2. You will gain more confidence in your practice and ensure patient safety
  3. You will receive better job opportunities
  4. You have the potential to receive higher rates of pay
  5. You will have the opportunity to progress in your career

What do I need to do if I am in a training post?

If you are a doctor in training, please provide ID Medical with your end of year assessment forms.

What documents do I need as Supporting Information?

There are six types of supporting information that you will be expected to provide and discuss at your appraisal at least once in each five year cycle. They are:
1. Continuing professional development
2. Quality improvement activity
3. Significant events
4. Feedback from colleagues
5. Feedback from patients (where applicable)
6. Review of complaints and compliments

The nature of the supporting information will reflect your particular specialist practice and your other professional roles.

Do I need to go through Revalidation if I want to work abroad?

If you wish to work abroad on a permanent basis, you will not need to go through the revalidation process. However, should you wish to continue to hold your licence to work in the UK, you are required to engage in revalidation.

What are the pitfalls of non-engagement?

  1. If you have not prepared for revalidation by participating in an annual appraisal and collecting feedback from patients and colleagues, the GMC will not renew your licence to practice.
  2. Hospitals will decline applications from Doctors who are not participating in annual appraisals as there is a growing number of Dr's who are keeping up to date.

I do not have any supporting information, What should I do?

Please supply any documentation you do have to show you have been keeping your knowledge and skills up to date. However, if you do not currently have any relevant documents, please contact ID Medical to discuss this.


"I have been doing appraisals for ID medical for nine months. It has given me the opportunity to use my appraisal skills with a variety of trainees and consultants. ID medical ensures that the documentation is prepared in advance so that the appraisee has full benefit from the process. Helping doctors formulate their PDP for the coming year is rewarding and I look forward to seeing the progress made by many of the doctors. ID medical could not work harder to ensure that doctors are supported through a process which for many may seem daunting."

Dr. Gosney

In order to provide the best possible service and support to our locum doctors through revalidation, we have a network of appraisers available across the country.

We are constantly recruiting for more appraisers to come on board with ID Medical to continue in offering a Premier Level Service for revalidation to doctors.

There are many benefits to being an appraiser. It provides you with the opportunity to highlight that you have supported other doctors in completing a successful appraisal during your appriasal; obtaining the knowledge and experience to certify that your own appraisals are of a high quality; and a chance to earn more with our competitive remuneration for the service provided.

Becoming an Appraiser

To become an appraiser, the following requirements are applicable:

  1. Consultant grade Doctor
  2. Consultants Listed on the Specialist Register
  3. An up-to-date CV
  4. A copy of your appraiser training certificate

Should you wish to become an appraiser for ID Medical, please contact our revalidation support team on 01908 552 836.

Useful Documents for appraisers

"Thanks to ID Medical for all your support throughout the revalidation process, you were very patient and understanding with me, it couldn't have been possible without your help."

Dr. Chike

Questions & Queries

If you have any questions, please contact your recruitment consultant or the ID Medical revalidation support team on +44 (0) 845 130 9331.

We look forward to supporting you through revalidation and continuing to provide you with a premier level service.