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Getting Paid

We have several options available to make it as easy as possible for our candidates to get paid. Below you will find the payment options available:

As part of our commitment to providing outstanding payroll management to all our candidates, ID Medical operates a daily payroll; meaning you get paid on time, every time. As long as we receive your time sheets by 2:30pm on a working day then it will be processed the same day and the payment will be in your bank account by the third working day. In order to pay you we need to know how you would like to be paid and we offer a number of alternative ways for you to receive your salary.

For more information, or to specify your preferred method please contact your recruitment consultant.

If you are looking to download an ID Medical Time Sheet, please view the Time Sheet page. 


PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

Using this method of payment ID Medical is your employer. You simply send us your signed time sheets which we will process - calculating all your tax and National Insurance contributions. Which are then deducted at source and your net pay is transferred to your designated bank or building society account.

Find out about the Pension Plan Auto-Enrolment

Umbrella Company

This method is often preferred by those who accumulate expenses in the course of their work. It is possible to claim back a percentage of these expenses back as a tax relief against your pay. In this method you are a Contractor for ID Medical and an employee for an Umbrella Company. Signed time sheets are sent to both the Umbrella Company and ID Medical. The Umbrella Company then invoices ID Medical to who we then remit the gross payment. The Umbrella Company will utilise any available tax relief against your expenses in order to reduce your tax liability, which in turn increases your net pay.

Please note that when selecting your Umbrella Company, it is important that you ensure they comply with the strict rules as set out by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). We have a list of preferred Umbrella Companies that we have found to be compliant.

For more information or to see the list of preferred umbrella companies speak to your recruitment consultant.


Limited Company

This is where you have your own Limited Company or Personal Service Company (PSC). Your Limited Company or PSC must have its own bank account and provide us with a copy of its own Certificate of Incorporation. As a named Director of the Company you will be responsible to ensure that you invoice ID Medical for the work you have done and in turn ID Medical will remit the payment of this invoice to the bank account provided. You, as the Director of the Company, will be legally liable to submit a tax return (completed by an accountant) to HMRC.



We pay the sub-contractor but you make payment to HMRC for your own Tax and National Insurance. 


For more information or to specify your preferred payment method speak to your ID Medical recruitment consultant, or call +44 (0) 845 130 9331 or email info@id-medical.com